Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter Review

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

Hi Beauties,

Have you ever faced a situation when you have something so great in your life, something essential, something extremely Holy Grail stuff that you cannot do without it, but you often forget to give it its due credit? It happens with people, and it happens with things as well. Well, today I am going to review one such product, which is my staple, which I cannot do without, but I do often forget to give it its due credit. Like, so many days have passed since I have started writing on IMBB, but I never even thought about this…Till about two days ago, when my ma called me up and said that she was running low on this product, and could I pass on some of mine to her. This is my Holy Grail Lip Balm. There are plenty of lip balms in the stores, but I have found some or other faults with all of them. This product is not without its faults, but somehow, this has become very close to my heart and a must have for me.

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About the Product: The brand KORRES, is a Greek Brand, started by George Korres in 1996. All formulations are developed based on natural or certified organic ingredients. According to Korres, “This rich butter leaves lips deeply moisturized, supple, and kissably soft”. Korres Lip Butters are formulated with natural oils and extracts to soothe and condition lips. Korres claims: “A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish. The combination of Shea butter and Rice wax offers deep hydration and softness. Ideal for chapped lips”

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The Pomegranate extract is a rich source of tannins, anthocyanins, vitamins (A, C, E) and minerals and is widely used for its antioxidant properties. One pomegranate contains three times the antioxidant properties of red wine or green tea. Thishigh level of antioxidants found in pomegranate is effective in combating free radicals that cause premature ageing of skin cells. Pomegranate extract has also significant astringent properties, due to the contained tannins. As a result, it tightens the pores and strengthens the skin epidermis, thus being ideal for oily and combination skin.Pomegranate, a deciduous shrub that can grow to the size of a small tree, has been cultivated in Greece since prehistoric times. Punicagratanum, according to its botanical name has small but glossy and beautiful leaves and big, striking red flowers and fruit. In Greece, Pomegranate symbolises passion, abundance and fertility. On New Year’s day, the householders crack a pomegranate on the doorstep, so that the seeds disperse and bring good luck.

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Shea butter has been traditionally used in Africa by native soap manufacturers to protect skin and hair from the harsh climate. It’d also been a well known baby pampering treat, intended to protect newborns from extreme weather. Recent findings claim that Shea butter protects the skin against climate and UV aggression; helps preventing wrinkle formation; soothes irritated and chapped skin and moisturizes the epidermis.

This formula does not contain the following ingredients: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosan.
Dermatologically Tested.


Polybutene, TrimethylolpropaneTriisostearate, Hydrogenated Polydecene, HydroxystearicAcid,Polyethylene, StearalkoniumHectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Tocopherol,Aroma (Flavor), CarthamusTinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, AscorbylPalmitate, PunicGranatum Extract, OryzaSativaCera (OryzaSativa (Rice) Bran Wax), ButyrospermumParki(Shea Butter) Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, CI 77891(Titanium Dioxide), CI 15850 (Red 7 Lake,Red 6), CI 77491 (Iron Oxides).

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Price: Rs. 1200/ (on some Indian websites) for 6 gm of product. However, I get mine from my mom when she goes abroad, or from international websites for around Rs. 700/- with free shipping (since I tend to purchase it in lots… It is a staple for both my mother and me).

My Experience Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter:

My lips are perpetually on the drier side. In summer, my lips get parched due to the heat and water loss; and due to AC in my room.In winters my lips are parched due to extreme cold as well as room heater effect.So, this lip balm is essential to me throughout the year. The Lip balm comes in a pot…which is its only fault …and a blessing in disguise!!!! The pot is white in color, made of plastic and closes with a cap. The packaging is small and very sturdy and can be easily carried easily in the purse. The lip butter comes in many shades and also comes in a transparent form. All the shades have sheer pigmentation; considering it is a lip butter. The shade name is written on top of the cap , the cap is the same color as the shade inside, and the entire pot comes in a double box packaging.Inside, there is another transparent cover to protect the balm.

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The shade “POMEGRANATE” is a warm toned corallish pink shade which looks much darker in the pot. It has a pleasant fragrance, which does not stay long on the lips. Since it comes in a pot, I use a lip brush to apply this at home at night, since I find dipping my fingers a bit unhygienic and also the products gets under my nails. However when I am outside and I feel the need for it (especially in winters), I do dip my fingers into the pot to scoop out some product (hi..hi..hi). The lip balm is extremely soft, buttery consistency, and glides very smoothly on my lips. Due to this buttery consistency, I said earlier that this product in a pot, is a blessing in disguise. If it were in a tube, either it would have melted completely, or Korres would have to change the consistency to make it a bit harder. The lip balm is neither greasy, nor sticky. The lip balm seems to seep through the chapped skin and enter inside to reach the actual skin of the lips and do its work there. The product is extremely moisturizing, and remains on my lips satisfactorily for 5-6 hours with light meals in between. However, when I apply it at night, I wake up to the most soft and flake free lips…. with a subtle pinkish stain.
The color of the balm is sheer (no matter how much you apply). A very little amount is needed for adequate moisturisation. I would advise you not to apply too much, especially during day time, since it will start bleeding. On my non pigmented lips, it comes off as a lovely coral-lish pink tint of color which looks very natural, giving my lips a soft and juicy look. However, the tint might not be seen on extremely pigmented lips.It does not have any abnormal taste (if a little bit does happen to enter your mouth).

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This can serve as a lovely base or gloss for matte lipsticks. It gives the lips a MLBB look, leaving a very pale stain. On Sundays, when I am looking my worst( because I try to do all my beauty treatments on that day), and a guest arrives unannounced, my routine is to clamp my hair, apply this lip balm, and I am ready to welcome anybody. This balm does give an instant radiant look to my face. I liketo experiment by buying it in different colors… Since if I don’t like the color.. I can always use it up at night. I think this can be used on cheeks as well for a lovely flush of color. I haven’t done it myself yet, but this idea is hovering in my mind since cream blushes have become a rage.

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Pros of Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

• All formulations based on natural or certified organic ingredients
• All environment friendly, bio degradable products used
• Lovely corallish pink shade
• Very Moisturising
• Seeps through the chapped lips and works within
• Available in many pretty shades
• No abnormal taste
• Contains natural oils
• Does not contain Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosan
• Consistency is very soft, butter like
• Very light on the lips
• Applies very sheer on the lips, not very glossy at all. (like MLBB)
• Leaves a lovely tint of color on lips
• Stays on lips for 5-6 hours with light meals in between
• No abnormal taste
• Very little amount needed (1 pot easily lasts me 2- 3 months)
• Makes lips very soft, flake free
• Small size, sturdy and travel friendly packaging
• Color of lid is same as shade inside.
• Can be applied under or over a matte lipstick
• Might be used on cheeks as a cream blush
• No reactions or breakouts
• Dermatologically Tested.
• Shelf life of 24 months

Cons of Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

• Expensive
• Limited availability in India
• Pot packaging (unhygienic and tends to get under my nails…but since I mostly use a lip brush…not a con for me. Also pot packaging means the consistency can be kept soft)
• May bleed if applied in excess (but that’s true for all lip balms)
• Tint of color may not show on very pigmented lips.

IMBB rating: 5/5

Will I repurchase Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter?

This is my staple lip balm. I keep on repurchasing it…and cannot do without it.
Will I recommend Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter?

Yes, to everybody.I have not found any other lip balm which I like more than this (Some are not moisturising enough, some are sticky, some have a waxy feel to them which I hate, some do not last long). The pot packaging is not a problem for me at all. In fact, I like its simple, sturdy packaging. I have used it once in the tube form also, but I found it to be a bit harder, more of gloss and less of moisturisation. This Korres lip balm in a pot is my HG lip balm.

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