Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review

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When I saw this new range Visée, I immediately grabbed a red lipstick to try. I loved the swatches and did Wayne Goss’ trick of laying the lipstick against my lips to see if it suits me. I thought it did and excitedly bought it. Did my excitement end there? Read on to find out.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review8

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My Experience with Kose Visée Color Polish Lipstick:

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review

The packaging of the lipstick is as beautiful as the shade. It comes in a greyish metallic container with a beautiful design of flowers and butterflies on the side housing the product and has the Visée logo on it. I would proudly display it on my vanity. It has 5 g of product.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review1

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The shade is called RD 421. There are a total of 10 shades in this line. This shade is a breathtakingly beautiful colour. The colour is something that will look beautiful on all skin tones, even on the very dark skin tones. It will pop and look brighter on light skin tones. It is a shade that compliments everyone. The colour suits my tan skin tone perfectly.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review3

This lipstick is supposed to contain squalene and collagen for moisturising. The first time I put the lipstick on, I had the angels singing moment. Since the lipstick is quite thick, it is very difficult to get a precise line. In fact, in the number of days I have tried it, I have not got it absolutely perfect. I have to go in with a cotton bud and clean up some edges and tweak it more. When you use a cotton bud or tissue to clean, it leaves behind a pink stain.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review4

This lipstick just glides on the lips and is creamy. A little too creamy, if I may! I don’t recommend a lip balm or lip gloss in combination with this. It is supposed to be unscented, so that is good. It does not settle into lip lines, but I see it gets into the vertical lip lines a lot (it doesn’t show on the lips, just outside) and finds its way outside the lips. I like that it is very lightweight and feels like there is nothing on my lips. It is very moisturising and spreads so evenly on the lips. After it fades, it leaves behind a dark pink stain, which I feel is a plus. It does not feel cakey if I layer the lipstick on again at that time.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review5

The pigmentation is unbelievably amazing. Red lipsticks generally have a lot more pigmentation than other colours, but this goes a step further. It has one-swipe bam pigmentation. This is really the only thing going for it.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review2

Problems I Had with It:
This lipstick transfers everywhere. It is as far away from budge-proof as I am from my home country! It also feathers within minutes of application. It will feather upwards from the lip lines and it looks very obvious because the colour is so bold. If you remove it simply with a wipe or tissue, the area surrounding the mouth gets a lot of the underlying pink colour. If I kiss my baby with it, her cheek gets stained. So, the only way to remove it properly is to use a makeup remover.

Usually, it is a nice-to-have a lip liner with a bold lipstick as it can enhance the wear, but you can make it work without a liner just fine. But with this, a lip liner becomes a have-to-have! That is one of the major issues. Even with lip liner, if you go over the lip liner, it will feather within a few minutes, so you have to be careful to ‘colour inside the lines’.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review7

You have to be careful not to layer too much on the inside of the lips, otherwise it ends up on your teeth. This is not a problem usually when you do the pop trick with your finger, that is, put your pointer finger into the mouth and pop it out. It is that it ends on your teeth even after the pop trick.

How I Use It:
First, I line my outer lips with a plum colour lip liner and it goes well with this shade of lipstick. I am too lazy to use a lip brush each time I use a lip product. So the lazy girl (i.e., my way) way to use this is to apply the product to the centre of the lips and do some lip exercises to move and spread it around. This way the product does not get out of the lip lines. But I usually need to add more product to the area on and near the cupid bow.

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review8

I like to do a very minimal eye makeup with this. All matte eyeshadows, liner and mascara is what I usually go for.


Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review9

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review10

Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick Review11

Pros of Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick:

• Beautiful packaging.
• Great pigmentation.
• Easy to blend and spread out.
• Beautiful colour – will suit all skin tones.
• Very lightweight.
• Moisturising.
• Does not cake up even when layered.

Cons of Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick:

• Feathers a lot.
• Absolutely requires a lip liner.
• Gets on the teeth, even after doing the pop trick.
• If rubbed away, leaves pink stain.
• Needs to be removed with makeup remover.
• Transfers everywhere – needs a sealant on top.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick?
Oh no! I have never had such a bad experience with a lipstick before! I am going nowhere near this range.

Would I Recommend Kose RD 421 Visée Color Polish Lipstick?
No! Despite the pros, the cons are too much to work with this.

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