Kristen Stewart’s Makeup: Show and Ask

Kristen Stewart’s Makeup:  Show and Ask

Can you please tell me how to achieve this look of Kristen Stewart from the premiere of the movie “Breaking Dawn.” She looks gorgeous in this smokey eye look and people say I look like her except that I have wider features with respect to the nose and my face is rounder and hers is oval.  I want to try this look.  Can you guide me through a step-by-step tutorial.  Also, please suggest the lipstick shade she is wearing, it looks so natural.

Kristen Stewart

Thanks in advance!

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10 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart’s Makeup: Show and Ask

  1. hi Jomol,
    well the key to this look is flawless skin.
    I think it would be essential to achieve a good blemish free base to go ahead with a soft blush.
    though kristen look too white here…I would have liked it more fresh than flat.
    apply a good base to fill up irregularities..I like Inglot s base
    conceal any marks that are still left
    finish with a transluscent powder for a super matte finish.Try Kryolan s powder.
    here all the attention is drawn to lovely eyes…it seems like a combination of winged eyes+smokey…
    lavender/light purple kind of eyeshadow is used.(really compliments here greenish eyes)
    so for EYES: apply a good base/primer
    swipe purple shade uptill outer 3rd of eye..from there on its a chocolate/brownish mauve color.(check out Mac s twinks)
    for eyeliner ..there are no harsh must be an eyeshadow which is app with a definer brush…its a greyish shade that is used here.little bit shadow on lower eyelids also..
    Mascara!!! tadaaa!!
    flush cheeks with a pinky-peach color
    lips are just having a very blotted look here.apply ur fav lippie and blot.repeat.
    i guess this explains.

    1. thank you for that beautiful explanation but i actually need only eye make up procedure here…and i am not ghostly fair so thats not a prob anyways thanks for ur details…

  2. She is looking too pale 🙁 The only thing good in this look is smokey eyes, rest is just like a white ghost. Lol…
    You are better off without this look 🙂

  3. yep i look like her except i have rosy white cheeks never need blush and i have wider features…i look like her when i smile and my eyes and lips the same except i have fuller lips…

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