Kryolan 9742 Premium Smoothing Brush Review

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Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing another brush from Kryolan’s Premium range which is the Kryolan 9742 Premium Smoothing Brush.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

Product Description:

An elegant make-up-brush creation made of natural goat bristles and high-quality white synthetic Fibres. This brush also especially effectively allows softly smoothing foundation on at transition areas. The finished make-up creates an incomparably perfect face.


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INR 1100/-

My Experience with Kryolan 9742 Premium Smoothing Brush:

The Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 looks and works like a stippling brush. The brush comes in a long cylindrical plastic glass packaging which I used to think is sturdy until it cracked during shipping.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

I use it mainly for my foundation. I simply pick foundation on the brush, just to the tips of the fibres and start stippling it onto my skin until it gets even. It is best used to give a light, airbrushed finish. You can of course build coverage by working a little more.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

As mentioned in their description, the brush is also great to work with, at transition areas. You could use it to smoothen out your concealer if it has been applied only to specific areas so that it mixes well with the foundation on the rest of the face, without disturbing the coverage of the concealer. I also use it every time I try my hand at contouring, to smoothen out or to blend the dark and light foundation lines so that they do not appear unnatural.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

When I first used this brush, I was disappointed because I was only sweeping the foundation on my face and it took me more time than usual to finish my foundation routine. I realized only later that it is the wrong way to use this brush.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

I love applying my cream blushes with this since my foundation/concealer underneath does not get disturbed. I always end up using more blush than I need with most blush brushes, but with this one, I never worry because it picks up just the right amount of blush. I am not a fan of using this with powder blushes, though.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

The black fibres that you can see are shorter and only give more density to the brush. They’re not as soft as the white fibres. If your product reaches the black fibres then you’re mostly using more than necessary.

Kryolan Premium Smoothing Brush 9742 Review

The only downside to this brush is that it sheds. When I first opened it, I could see hair that were waiting to be pulled out. It kept shedding for 3 consecutive washes after which the shedding stopped. The only reason I didn’t give up on the brush, despite knowing that it sheds, is because I waited a lot for this to be shipped and reach me. I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Pros of Kryolan 9742 Premium Smoothing Brush:

• Gives a flawless foundation finish.
• Very comfortable to use everyday.
• Makes the application of blush very easy.
• Helps to pick the right amount of product.
• Soft bristles.
• Can be used to smoothen transition areas.

Cons of Kryolan 9742 Premium Smoothing Brush:

• Bristles shed initially.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

I love this brush. If you are looking for a stippling brush and availability isn’t a problem, consider it a really good option for yourself. It is as good as many good and highly loved stippling brushes.

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  1. Nice review. You said that the case cracked during shipping. Did you order this online? I yes, from where? I’ve been dying to try Kryolan products but they don’t have a store where I live! 🙁

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