Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review

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I am super excited about reviewing this absolutely unique product. As you all know, I totally love flaunting my super long, jet black hair. I never experiment with my hair, so new cuts or colors on my hair are a strict no-no. It is not that I am not up for experiments and styles but unlike makeup, the hair colors are mostly permanent and such chemical treatments can damage my hair. When I came to know about this temporary hair mascara, I felt super tempted to give this a try. It is just like a makeup for my hair and I can get highlighted hair without any severe chemical damage! Read the review to know if I am satisfied with the product.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review

Price: 500 INR
Product Description:
Aquacolor Hair Mascara in an applicator bottle with brush to design colorful, stringy-like hair effects. Aquacolor Hair Mascara applied effortlessly with the applicator brush to the desired location and let dry. If necessary, the process can be repeated. Aquacolor Hair Mascara is easily removed with warm water and shampoo.

My Experience With Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany:

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Tube

Packaging: The mascara looks like a mascara tube with a color-coded body. The tube is mahogany with a black twisted cap. The wand brings out sufficient amount of product every time. The roll wand is perfect for application in your hair. You will have to take a thin section of hair, flatten it out and roll the wand through it. The color will transfer to the hair perfectly. I will discuss more on this aspect later. Overall, the packaging and wand are convenient, travel-friendly and amateur-user friendly.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Tube in Hand

Color: The color is a very beautiful mahogany colour. It is not red or copper but something in-between. It will suit every skin tone perfectly. I have jet black hair and it shows up on my hair. If you have blonde or brown hair, it will probably look more vibrant on that.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Shade

Texture: The texture of this product is actually like lash mascara. It imparts a coat of color on the hair and forms a layer. So each hair strand feels a little dry and heavy after the application but once applied, it does not flake or gets displaced even if you brush the hair. You will have to give it some time to dry. After that, it stays intact. It looks natural and everyone will think you have got hair highlights. If you touch it, then only you will feel the difference.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Open

Staying Power: It will last till you wash your hair. I do not love having chemicals on my hair or face for long. So I apply it when I need and after coming back, I shampoo my hair as soon as possible. It gets removed easily with warm water and shampoo and does not make the hair dry after that.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Wand

My Thought: This product suits my need perfectly. It makes the hair feel a little hard and dry, but I think it happens with all hair sprays, be it a setting product or even color spray. It does not affect the hair styling at all. The application takes time, but so does hair highlighting or coloring at parlors. Yes, it is not permanent and you have to do it repeatedly. But if you do not want the change permanently and want to stay away from chemical treatments, this is the best solution available.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Swatch

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany Review Hair

Pros of Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany:

• Unique product
• Travel-friendly packaging
• Wand spreads color easily
• Beautiful mahogany shade
• Does not affect hair styling
• Dries super fast
• Gives highlighted effect
• You can color wherever you want and whenever you want
• Helps to avoid harmful chemical treatment
• Does not damage hair post the application
• Washes off easily

Cons of Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany:

• Application is time-consuming

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara Mahogany?
I will try some other shade. If you want to get temporary hair highlight, this one is a must-have.

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