Kryolan Blusher – #F22

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Kryolan Blusher – #F22

I had an eye on Kryolan for quite a long time after tempting reviews here on IMBB especially by Parita, and when Neha suggested Ramee mall to me,I was excited. I went on to search the mall when I reached Chennai and entered Kryolan directly. OMG,it was Amazing! I was stunned looking at their collections and I was damn confused what to pick. Poor BF was waiting for me more than an hour outside the store.(who had no idea what I was doing when I went out of the store to check out the concealer shade and lippies on me in day light!)
Kryolan Blusher #F22
The SA was so helpful and I had a great time shopping! Ok, now let me come back to the product of review today.


This is the first time I am not typing the ingredients list because it is really BIG!!!


Rs. 350/2.5gms


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The blush comes in a cute transparent case with the kryolan logo on it.
Kryolan Blusher - #F22

My Experience with Kryolan Blusher – #F22:

There were so many shades and all were extremely good. I narrowed down to two shades finally and picked this one as the other one had more of orange undertones in it.

There is one thing weird about them. Some of their blushes have name and some have numbers! I had no idea regarding that and even the SA said the same. And the quantity has been reduced by 1gram recently(it was 3.5gms earlier)

Kryolan Blusher - #F22 ingredients

The best thing about these blushes is their pigmentation. Just a single swirl using the brush is enough for one cheek, be careful not to use them overboard as these as extremely pigmented.

The texture is Amazing, it is finely milled and soft .It does not look chalky .It blends easily when used with a brush(I have not tried using my fingers).

I am in love with this blush and it would suit all skin tones. I used it when I wore a saree and got so many compliments that day as it gives a glow!!

Kryolan Blusher - #F22 (8)

Kryolan Blusher - #F22 (6)

Let me sum up the pros and cons.

Pros of Kryolan Blusher – #F22:

1.Superb Pigmentation.
2.Amazing texture.
4.Long staying power.
5.Would suit all skin tones.
6.Long shelf life(30 months!)

Kryolan Blusher - #F22 (2)

Cons of Kryolan Blusher – #F22:

1.Ingredients list( I am ok with it now).
2.Availability( Very few kryolan stores in the country).

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Kryolan Blusher - #F22swatch (3)
Will I recommend Kryolan Blusher – #F22 to others?
Sure, grab one for yourself if you find a Kryolan store!

I am very happy and satisfied with this brand and thanks to IMBB, Thanks a ton to Neha for suggesting Ramee mall, would visit them again and again. I am in love with this brand now.

P.S: Next on my list is the blush brush which the SA used on me.I think it costs around 1000 bucks.It was mind blowing.I regret for not getting that, Will get that soon!!

Thanks for reading my review.

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43 thoughts on “Kryolan Blusher – #F22

  1. Excellent review soundarya…I swear by inglot and kryolan. More by kryolan for their affordable price tag and quality. Can’t wait to visit ramen mall after seeing your review. *drool* *drool* *drool*

  2. somebody please open a kryolan store in Punjab.. *announce* i have been longing to get kryolan products since last 2 years but no store here. 🙁 🙁

  3. kryolan blushes are so pigmented *woot* … just a touch will do *haan ji* … good review Soundarya *clap*

  4. I love Kryolan.. I have in light red it’s peachy orange and I love it.. this looks lovely too I will check it when I next visit Kryolan.. 🙂

  5. OMG *drool* …. This is such a beauty *jai ho* … sooperb pigmentation and the price so affordable *clap* *clap* *clap* … Deffo gonna get this *announce*

  6. I’ve seen the kryolan outlet in Ramee mall..but i m so lazy to go so far…I finish up my shopping in Vadapalani SS..tats pretty close to my place..
    i shud make time to check EA n Ramee mall..

  7. i have one red blusher but I find it extremely difficult to work with it. I always end up over doing it and looking like a clown 😛 glad you are loving it so much. *happydance*

  8. WOW I love this blush!! *drool* Loooooks AWESOME 🙂 No FOTD? :S

    I went to Kryolan last week, but bought only one lipstick. Boyfriend had work, so had to rush. Will check out again! 😀

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