Kryolan Brush Cleaner Review

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I do not think of money when I am buying makeup tools and brushes since I know what difference they make to makeup application, but when it comes to buying brush cleansers, I cringe a little to spend so much.  I have always cleaned my brushes with shampoo only until lately when I realized I should stop being so frugal about spending money on cleansers that are extremely important to maintain hygiene in makeup. I finished a bottle of MAC and I came across the Kryolan Brush Cleaner one day at a price much lower, I didn’t wait a moment to get my hands on it.

Kryolan Brush Cleaner


400/- INR for 500 ml.

Product Description:

Special cleaning agent for all make-up brushes to assure clean and hygienic make-up tools. It can also be used as cleaning agent for air brush guns.  This product is flammable and requires special shipping and may attract an additional surcharge please contact store for more information.

Kryolan Brush Cleaner

My Take on Kryolan Brush Cleaner:

This cleaner comes in a metal tin like packaging. The difference between using this cleaner and the other cleaners in the market is that this must be used with a lot of care. It has been clearly mentioned on the tin to not let the liquid come in contact with the skin. It did not cause any reaction, but chances are that it might. Care has to be taken to keep this cleaner at an optimum temperature and also with a tightly closed lid since its vapors might cause irritation, dizziness.

Kryolan Brush Cleaner

The cleaner does an amazing job in cleaning my brushes.  In fact, I like it more than the MAC cleanser. It doesn’t take too long and brushes look squeaky clean with very less effort. I generally take some cleaner in a bowl, dip my brush into the liquid, wipe off with a cloth. I repeat if necessary. I let my brushes stay for around 3 minutes to dry and ta-da, they’re ready to be used again.  The whole process takes me just 5 minutes and I need not worry about not having clean brushes before applying makeup anymore.

Kryolan Brush Cleaner

I also wash the brushes that I use frequently with a shampoo once a week even if I use this.  The consistency of the cleaner is water like. It does not have any smell of its own.

Pros of Kryolan Brush Cleaner:

  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy, protective packaging.
  • Cleans brushes effectively.
  • Comes very handy, takes a lot less time to clean brushes.
  • Dries off fast.
  • No irritating smell.

Cons of Kryolan Brush Cleaner:

  • Availability.
  • One must be extra careful while using since contact with skin should be avoided.

IMBB Rating:



It is an effective and affordable brush cleaner. The only deal breaker is that the number of precautionary warnings on the tin make me feel like I own a liquid that is used to make some type of incendiary weapons. 😛

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