Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue Review

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try some colored mascara for long, and when I spotted this blue mascara, I picked it up at once. Read the detailed review to know if I am happy with the product.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue Review

Price: AED 120.75 (INR 500)
Product Description:
Mascara Color Intensifier is an intensive-color mascara that is resistant to moisture. Its creamy base assures a pleasant wearing experience.

My Experience with Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue:

The product comes in a blue paper box and the mascara tube looks like a slim, silver pen. It does not have a bulky appearance like other mascaras, which is something I like about the product. You can easily carry it around in your purse.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue Outer Packaging

The applicator wand is attached to the cap and I am happy with the applicator. The length is pretty good to cover most of your lashes in one go. The bristles are dense and bring out the right amount of product. It is pretty easy to work with and any beginner can use this with ease.

The mascara applies pretty well, and even when you use layers of it, it does not form and clump. It never makes the lashes too heavy (it will if you try the 100 layers of mascara challenge, though) and never irritates the eyes. It can be also applied to the lower lashes. The texture is creamy and feels pretty comfortable on the lashes.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue Description

The color is not very dramatic blue. If you are looking for a shocking blue color that will make your lashes the centre of attraction, you will be disappointed. It is a very subtle shade of blue which does not look very different from your regular mascara. The blue color definitely shows up when noticed closely, but it is not something that will make you stand out in the crowd. If you want to try something other than black mascara without going OTT, you can start your journey with this one.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue Packaging

The mascara makes your lashes look long and prominent. But it does not enhance the volume of the lashes. Also, you will have to layer it up to get the dramatic long lashes. This is not a one-coat wonder product and you will have to be patient with this one. It definitely makes your eyes look big and open.

It did not melt down easily, but it is not very water-proof either. However, I am not a fan of waterproof mascara and I won’t complain about this aspect. This stayed well for 6 hours on my eyes and I am happy with the result. Overall, this is a good colored mascara. I won’t say this is a great product and is hype-worthy. But if you want a break from your regular black mascaras, this is something that you should try.

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue Applicator

Pros of Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue:

Nice, sleek packaging
Good, dense bristle in the want
Not irritating
Applies with ease
Shows up well in 2-3 layers
Subtle blue color
Makes eyes look large and open
Stays on for 6-7 hours
Can be removed easily

Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue EOTD

Cons of Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue:

Won’t make the eyes pop, it is not very dramatic
Does not boost the volume
Does not show up in a single coat

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Color Intensifier Mascara Blue?
You can if you want to try some subtle blue mascara. If you want your eyes to pop, try something else.

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