Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Review

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I reviewed the Kryolan Cream Blusher Redwood a few days ago and loved the performance. It was a nude blush and I wanted something pink-toned this time. So, I picked the shade ‘Dahlia’, and in this post, I will tell you all about this new shade.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Review

Price: $8 for 3.5 g
Product Description:
Cream Blusher is a semi-transparent blusher, embedded in a velvety cream base. The ease of application with this preparation enables the creation of a fine, naturally appearing make-up.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Packaging

My Experience with Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia:

The blusher comes in a grey cardboard packaging that holds all the information regarding the product. The cardboard packaging opens to reveal the grey blush pan with a transparent lid. The transparent lid has the Kryolan mask printed on it and also allows you to see the color. There is no inbuilt mirror or applicator provided with it. The lid of this blush closes with a click mechanism. Though sturdy and travel-friendly the packaging lacks attractiveness.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Ingredients

This looks like a bubble gum pink color when you initially pick it up. I was a little sceptical about how it will look on my skin. But as I blend this out, the color looks like a very natural pink, which looks great on every skin tone. You can wear it on its own or use this as a base for your other pink and red toned blushes.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia with Packaging

It is amazingly pigmented and a little is enough to get super color on both your cheeks. It never looks too sheer and the true color shows up even on dark skin. It never applies in uneven or patchy manner and thus you can use the tiniest amount to create just one layer of color if you want to.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Open

This cream blush has a very smooth, silky and creamy texture. It is super easy to pick up and blend on the cheeks. I love using my fingers to dab it on the cheeks and blend it to get the right color. You can also use your blending sponge. I prefer dabbing over dragging as that may interfere with the foundation beneath. Instead of setting in a super matte finish, it gives a soft glow to the cheeks.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Close Up

In case you like super matte finish you can mattify it by layering it up with a similar colored powder blush or by dusting some translucent powder over it. I prefer the second option more as I love this color and never want to change that. Also, you can wear it underneath your foundation to get a beautiful, lit from within glow. It never clogs pores and never highlights dry patches. I never had breakouts due to this.

It is super lightweight and feels just like your skin. I, at times, use it on my bare skin only to get a natural flush of color. I love how natural it looks. Not many women wear blushes on a regular basis. But with this cream blush, you can dab a tiny amount to get the most natural color on the cheeks and no one will even think that you have used a color on the cheeks.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Swatch

Staying Power: 
It stays on for 4-5 hours without any primer beneath or translucent powder on top. Both these, when used together, increase the staying power. It fades evenly without looking patchy. But as it too creamy, it may look oily on oily skinned people. If you are wearing this in the summer, a translucent powder on top is a must.

Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia Open

I am super impressed with this shade and formula.

Pros of Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia:

• Affordable.
• Sturdy packaging.
• Gorgeous warm-toned, reddish-brown shade.
• Smooth and silky texture.
• Easy to blend with finger.
• Intensely pigmented, shows up on all skin tones.
• A little quantity goes a long way.
• Never clogs pores or highlights dry patches.
• Never looks patchy.
• Never causes breakouts.

s of Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia:

• The creamy formula may not suit oily skin in summer.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Cream Blusher Dahlia?
Yes, for sure.

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