Kryolan Dry Rouge Blush 075 Review

Kryolan Dry Rouge Blush 075

Hello everyone, today I am reviewing Kryolan dry rouge blush in the shade 075. After reading such great reviews of this brand and also knowing that the products from this brand are used by makeup artists I wanted to try their products. And in one such haul I bought this blush. This is the most beautiful blush shade for Indian skin tones, especially for medium and dark skin tones. It just brightens up the face like nothing else.
I always prefer coral or blushes leaning towards orange rather than pinks and this one fulfills my needs. Because of my yellow undertones they tend to suit me better. When I visited the kryolan store, the SA suggested me 3 shades for coral shades, as it can be so difficult to choose a particular shade from around 30 blush shades. And it was love at first sight with this beautiful color.

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Price and quantity-

350 Rs. for 3.5 grams.

Shelf life- 24 months

My experience with Kryolan Dry Rouge Blush 075:

It comes in a small and compact plastic grey case. The lid is clear so that one can see the color. The texture of this blush is very soft. As you can see mine broke when I once dropped it by mistake. But it is powdery which you can make out from the swatch. There is also little fall out both in the pan as well as when applied, but nothing much. The blush is extremely pigment. One can easily go overboard with it. So this is going to last me a while. But then the color selection is excellent. It is very difficult to find so many shades of colors from a brand that is also affordable. Also it is matte. I always prefer matte blushes over shimmer as I have large pores.
The color is a perfect coral shade. And has right amounts of pink and orange tones. As some corals lean towards the pink side. It just brings color to a lifeless face. It is so pretty. It lasts for a fairly long time. It lasts around 6 hours on my oily skin after which it starts to fade . It is very finely milled. And I also tried washing my face with water and it does not completely come off so a good thing.

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Pros of Kryolan Dry Rouge Blush 075:

• Great variety of shades.
• Reasonably priced.
• Little goes a long way.
• Finely milled.
• Does not apply patchy or chalky.
• Staying power is very good.

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Cons of Kryolan Dry Rouge Blush 075:

• A bit powdery
• Only available at kryolan stores.

Recommendation– I highly recommend this beautiful shade.

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