Kryolan Eyelashes 9371 TV3-Review

 Kryolan Eyelashes 9371 TV3-Review

Hello ladies!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a review, but now I am back and I have lots of stuff that I would love to review that have been piling up every time I went shopping. And today, I will review Kryolan Eyelashes.


INR 200/-

Directions for use:

False eyelashes are to cut to size. Apply glue to the eyelashes. Place the lashes at the root of the models own lashes. When applying the lashes the model must not shut the eyes completely.

Kryolan eyelashes  9371TV 3

My take on Kryolan eyelashes 9371 TV3:

This was the first set of eyelashes that I got for myself. I’ve always loved experimenting with different kinds of make-up and stuff on my eyes. I love to add a little drama to my eyes and though I was quite skeptical about being able to use these eyelashes, (because I’ve always heard from many make-up bloggers and artists that they are never sure of properly placing lashes) I went ahead and got this for me.
The packaging is quite simple and b̶o̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶ has become boring. Plain. Grey. Dreaming, and not to forget the ‘blue-peel-off-face-mask’ logo of Kryolan. I mean for once, I want a change from them. Something more expressive, responsive and vivid. Kryolan is adept at making super amazing quality products, be it their lipsticks, their dermacolor range or anything. Though it is very very professional, I’d like some change.

Kryolan eyelashes 9371 TV 3

Well coming to the lashes, no glue comes with them. So the way your lashes stay on your eyes or treat your eyes is dependant on the glue that you use so make sure you buy a good adhesive. That didn’t bother me much because the glue that comes with most eyelashes is a dud usually.

The lashes are a little dramatic and long, but 70% natural looking. I love how my eyes look bigger and more beautiful with these. The lashes are soft and of course are of great quality.

I’ve used these for 5 times so far and had quite a terrible experience the second time when I went out on a date. My fault totally, because I wore them without really getting a hang of using and applying them properly. I went to the restroom and realized the eye lashes were sticking on only at the centre of the lash-line and the ends were like floating on my eyes. I looked ten times more than sick and I just couldn’t believe I was talking to someone looking like that all the while.

Kryolan eyelashes 9371 TV 3 (3)
Sad story and I’ve moved on anyway.

So summing up,

Pros Kryolan eyealashes 9371 TV3:

= Great quality.
= Easy to use. Reusable.
= Natural looking with some drama of course.
= Easy to manage. (only if you learn to.)




Cons of Kryolan eyelashes 9371 TV3:

= Does not come with a glue of its own.
= Not easily available.

IMBB Rating:



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  1. Heehee “ends were like floating on my eyes”… I am still laughing (don’t mind please) But I must say ur eyes are looking beautiful and these lashed added wow factor to it 🙂

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