Kryolan False Lashes B3 Review

Kryolan False Lashes B3 Review

I have been collecting some false lashes lately, mostly in the affordable bracket.  The most expensive one being the Inlgot lashes I had reviewed which costed me Rs. 500.  Why I talk of the cost is because I have some 5 lashes, but I have hardly worn them once on a dinner. Its not an easy job but something that is so enjoyable because of the way it transforms a face and eyes especially.

Kryolan False Lashes B3 Review

My eye lashes are average I would say, which work well for every day with two coats of good thick mascara. I haven’t been able to love any mascara after I fell in love with the Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara my sister had gotten for me. The only problem with that one was it was water proof!

What makes me love falsies is that I fall into the category of people who always need to be reminded to remove makeup after coming back home and hitting the bed. For me, it’s a very lazy job, especially if I have had been on my heels all day long shopping. I absolutely abhor mascara removal.  I hate it so much that I have altogether stopped wearing waterproof mascara!

What this lashes is all about is that it is very dramatic. So far, I have worn it only for my EOTD on IMBB and never outside. The hair on the lashes is rough and seems like animal hair and not the plastic type like on Konad Lashes I had reviewed. It has some strands that are short and some that are very very long and curvy which makes it very dramatic. The lashes almost curl up and reach my eyebrows!

Kryolan False Lashes B3 Review

The hair feel rough and in my urge to keep it clean, I used some water on it and like you can see, the right lash is spoiled. I suggest you never let any water touch your falsies, although nothing happened to my Konad lashes since they were plastic.

The lash band also feels very thick which is not to my liking at all. It makes the job a little tougher and cannot be worn casually.  All in all, the lashes feel rough and so dramatic that you can almost not wear it at all outside.

Kryolan has a separate glue that comes which can be purchased for 700 rupees.  Apart from that, the packing seems so cheap and I did not like the quality of anything in this any bit. I think it is meant for onscreen makeup only 😛

Kryolan False Lashes B3 Review

Last Word on Kryolan False Lashes B3:

This pair is not recommended and one of them is already spoilt, but still, it is so dramatic and rough that it was a waste of my Rs. 350!

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23 thoughts on “Kryolan False Lashes B3 Review

  1. you know you could try cutting them. i cute my lashes too at times 😛 i actually match them to a good pair and then cut them as per its size

  2. i have never used false eye lashes – i always worry that wat if my original lashes peel off while removing the false ones ? has that happened to anyone ? what is the best way to wear them ?

  3. Your eye makeup is Gorgeous Neha..and in pic these lashes are looking awesome on you..Even I loveeeeeee using falsies!! 😀 😀 😀 but yeah…these do seem to be too long and as you said rough hair.. 🙁 🙁 a big no no…

    Good morning everyone!! 🙂

  4. Neha…..these falsies look natural and lovely on your eyes…….I am a very clumsy person, don’t know if I can handle these falsies….should try though 🙂

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