Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine Review

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I was planning to buy some colored gel liners for quite a long time now. I love creating colorful makeup looks and colored gel liners make the task easier. Also, I want eyeshadows to pop on my dark lids, a good colored base works like a perfect booster. I did not want to invest in many of them and thus decided to go for just base colors, along with with black and rose gold colors. In this post, I will be reviewing “Sunshine” which is a yellow eyeliner.

Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine

Product Description:
This liner is an especially color intensive eye liner for fashionable, flawless eye lining. Cream Liner does not drip. It is comfortable to apply and is water-resistant. Its durability makes it ideally suited in a very special way, also for professional applications. Apply the product with a brush onto the desired area. Use on eyelids as an intense eye shadow, and then set with Living Color for a glamorous shine.

Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine shade label

My Experience with Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine:

The product comes in a small, frosted glass pot with a grey Kryolan logo embossed cap. The outer packaging is a grey paper box that has all details written on it. As the pot is transparent, you can see the color easily and choose the one you need. It can be carried around easily in your makeup bag; however, considering the price, I expected it to come with a brush applicator.

Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine packaging

Kryolan HD Cream Liners

When I saw the color on the website, it looked like a very bright, deep yellow shade; however, the color is pale and light. I was not happy with the color initially. It looks deeper online in pictures than it actually is. However, when you layer it up, it looks a little brighter. This is not my perfect sunshine color. I love anything and everything that is completely vibrant and this liner failed to meet my expectations. However, it is a good yellow eyelienr that can be used alone and also can be mixed with other colors to create a lot more variations.

Kryolan HD Cream Liners all

Kryolan HD Cream Liner in Sunshine

This gel liner has an absolutely creamy and soft texture that blends out amazingly well. It feels super smooth on the eyes. I am not very used to such soft, creamy liners, so creating a perfect line in one stroke is a little tough for me, but with the right brush and application technique, I am hoping to master the art soon.

Kryolan HD Cream Liners swatches

As this color is a little pale, I do not get perfect coverage on my pigmented lids in one stroke, needs two to three strokes to get a perfect line. I think mixing it with a mixing media can help you to balance the intensity and you can get more pigmentation out of it. This product is something that creative people will love. You will have to find new ways of using it and perfecting it. It is a little frustrating at times, but I love using challenging and unique makeup products and I am glad that I bought this gel liner.

It can be blended out too, which makes it a great eyeshadow base. You can use it under shadows to make them pop with intense color. It covers eyelids perfectly and is great even for pigmented eyes. It feels soft on the lids and does not feel too dry and cakey.

Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine on eyes

Once set, it stays on forever. It is creamy and won’t feel too dry, which is the best think about the formula.. But even with the creamy finish, it is waterproof and smudge-proof. It also does not become flaky. I applied it in the afternoon and at night, it looked freshly applied, removing it can be challenging. You will need a good oil-based remover to remove it without much tugging.

I am super happy with this unique liner. I will use it a lot for my makeup experiments.

Pros of Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine:

  • Convenient packaging.
  • Yellow color that looks good on its own and also allows you to create many other color variations.
  • Decently pigmented.
  • Soft, creamy texture.
  • Does not crumble.
  • Never cakes up and feel patchy.
  • Acts as a great eyeshadow base.
  • Waterproof and smudge proof once it sets.

Cons of Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine:

  • Not super vibrant.
  • Pigmentation is not as good as a few other shades from this range.
  • No brush is provided.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kryolan HD Cream Liner Sunshine?
If you love experimenting with makeup, give it a try. For beginners, this can be a little frustrating and challenging. So buy at your own risk. :p
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