Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy

Hey ladies

I hope you all doing great. Continuing with the Kryolan gel liner series, today I am reviewing three shades…Violet gem, black spark and navy.

Price: – Rs. 180

Quantity: – 1.2 gms

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy

Shade description:-

1) Violet gem:-it’s a beautiful pure purple.
2) Navy: – a gorgeous navy blue.
3) Black spark: – here is the star of the series… a true black with blue shimmers.

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy 2

I will straight away come to my experience with the product:-

Violet gem

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem swatch

These are to die for! These creamy pencils have become my HG kajal and eyeliners the day my friend brought them for me from Mumbai. These are the creamiest and the most pigmented eye pencils I have come across and trust me when I say this because I have tried almost everything related to eye makeup in the market. They are waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting. Coming to the shades, all the 5 shades that I have are amazing. Violet gem is a purple which transforms your eyes into diva eyes in a minute. Navy is a royal navy blue which is loved by all of us who like the color blue on their eyes. Now comes my favorite of them all, black spark. It a black eyeliner with pretty blue shimmers.


Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil navy swatch

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy 3

This instantly makes you ready for a night out or a party. They last almost 6 hours on waterline and 9-10 hours as eyeliner. The pencils can be easily sharpened and there is minimal product wastage. One sweep is sufficient for a dark color both on the waterline and the upper line. The pigmentation is that amazing! They can be easily removed with a makeup remover but till then…they don’t budge from their place. I always wanted a creamy pencil which would be waterproof, smudge proof, long lasting and doesn’t sting my eye. And boy, I have found these pencils and I am never letting them go. They are dirt cheap and come in a variety of shades. I have already bought back-ups and if you haven’t tried these beauties please go and you will not be disappointed! I couldn’t do justice to the shade ‘black spark’ in the pics but it looks way prettier in person. The camera couldn’t capture the blue shimmers properly.

Black Spark
Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil Black Spark Swatch

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy swatches

Pros of Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil:-

1) Waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting.
2) All the shades are very very gorgeous.
3) Doesn’t sting my eyes
4) Pretty cheap for a HG pencil.
5) Amazing pigmentation
6) Glide smoothly on the waterline and upper lash line.
7) Beautiful shades to choose from.
8) Gets sharpened easily and gets removed easily with a makeup remover.

Cons of Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil:-

I do not have a single thing in my mind when it comes the cons of this pencil.

In short: – I worship these pencils. I am never going back to any other pencil.

I would like you all to go and try these gel liner pencils. I am sure you will love them  do share your experience.

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P.S this is a dupatta I designed recently for one of my clients…Wanted to share with you all:)

Embroidered Dupatta

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32 thoughts on “Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil: Violet Gem, Black Spark and Navy

  1. Wow Mily i loved all the shades yaa *hifive* very pretty they look…. plus very affordable too *happy dance* *happy dance* and i loved the work on the dupatta … its looking damn gorgeous… *drool* *drool* I am sure your client is gonna be very happy *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. *thankyou* made my day *puchhi* *puchhi* yes you should try these pencils…they will become your HG pencils. 😀

  2. after your first review i called up my friend in mumbai and she brought 7 shades for me.. i too love them to the core… u helped me get the bestest ever liners mily… *thankyou*

    1. awwww sahiba… *puchhi* *puchhi* i am so glad that i introduced these pencils to you all *preen* *preen*

    1. no vidhi i am from ahmedabad…you get these in shop no. 2, silver pearl building,opposite harley davidson showroom, waterfield road,bandra 😀

        1. Vidhi.. Im from Mumbai.. u will get these at the Kryolan store… I bght it from the Kryolan store at Oshiwara…

  3. Hi Mily… I have been using these since six month…I have the blue and black… I agree that these are super pigmented and glide like a dream.. superrr soft… my smoky eye look gets done in a min when I use these.. however, I cannot use them on my lower eyelid as i stings like how!!!… i dont know why it stings… :-(( but I still love them :-))

    1. hey shraddha…i dont know why it stings your eye..i wear lenses and still no irritation. neways they are so cheap that they can be perfect eyeliners alone also *haan ji* *haan ji*

    2. Shraddha inch pinch… I had bought this pencil more than a year ago and oh my goodness it stings like hell on my waterline too.. freak I stopped using it asap. my friend experienced the same stinging sensation. I cant tell you how horrible the stinging was for me I felt I’d go blind. then after reading couple of reviews recently I thot they must have changed the formula so I tried it at the store on my lower lash line it didn’t burn but when I tried it on my waterliner the same stinging sensation was back in 15 mins or so.

      Oh n btw I did ask the SA there if it stings on waterline she said we do not recommend it on ther waterline as this is a gel liner pencil and not Kajal or khol liner.

      1. oh… even ive stopped using it on my waterline / lower eyelid completely.. but continue to use it on the upper eyelid for a smoky eye look… it smuges awsumly… i think i shud get the purple one.. ive seen a lot of professional makeup artists buying these at the Kyolan store in Mumbai.. one of them bght 3 each of all colours… hehehehe…

  4. OMG your work on the dupatta is so so so beautiful *drool* !! I’m loving it <3
    I have all the three pencils too *shy* and navy is my favorite among all of them <3 It looks so beautiful! You should have done EOTD's Mily <.3

    1. But it needs frequent sharpening :\ So my navy is almost over and these are not available in Chennai :'( Someone send me navyyyy 😀 :'(

      1. *thankyou* abinaya..i can design for you also love 🙂 haan yaar it needs frequent sharpening..u can see my purple one is almost over *scared*

          1. But this kryolan doesn’t have these pencils re :\

            Wow I’ definitely contact you before bhaiya’s wedding and you can design me nice nice stuff <3 *puchhi* *puchhi* what all do u design?

            1. awww…arre nothing much..i am not a designer by profession…i am a petroleum engineer. just have a flair for designer dupattas so design for my friends 😀

  5. i hav it in black and stings on my waterline *nababana* *cry* *cry*
    bt i always think why these pencils hav no kryolan written on them *secret* *secret*

  6. That work on the dupatta is sooo gorgeous!! The pencils look awesome but no kryolan stores here :'( *nababana* *cry*

  7. aww.. such pretty design on dupatta.. *clap* *clap* great work dear.. *jai ho*
    am excited to try kryolan after reading ur reviews now.. *drool*

  8. where i can get these in delhi…m jsut going mad to try these..lajapt nagar stire dsnt have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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