Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges Review

Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges

I am into Kryolan these days.They are  affordable and their quality is awesome.I usually use my fingertips to blend my foundation. But, when I saw these at the  store I wanted to give it a try.
Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges

INR 125 for 6 wedges

My experience with the Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges:

The packaging is simple where these wedges come in cellophane wrapped pack.There are 3 pairs of small white coloured wedges. It is not pre-cut. I had a tough time separating the wedges in the corners and in the centre.(you can see it in the pic!)So,I have to avoid using them in that area as the surface is uneven. It is really soft and angled at the corners.

Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges  (8)

Now,I feel the difference using these wedges. It blends my Revlon photoready foundation amazingly and helps in achieving a flawless look. The angled corners help in blending around the areas like eyes and under the nose. I really wish that these were completely pre-cut.

These can be used wet or dry and I usually prefer using it damp. They are easy to wash but some of the stain remains even after washing.
Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges  (13)

Now, let me sum up the pros and cons.
Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges

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Pros of Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges:

1.Gives a flawless finish.
2.Very soft.
4.Six wedges in a single pack.
5.Can be washed and re-used easily.
Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges  (4)

Cons of Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges:

1.Not completely pre-cut.
2.Stains remain even after washing.
3.Packaging could have been better.
4.Availability(Only in Kryolan stores).

Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges  (10)
Final verdict on the Kryolan Latex Makeup Wedges:

These are worth the penn.If you are into using wedges and if you have a Kryolan store nearby, you can give these a try as they are quite affordable. There might be better options in the market like the vlcc and basicare too.

Thanks for reading my review.

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