Kryolan Lip Gloss Nr.5 Review

Kryolan Lip Gloss Nr.5

I am here with a gloss today, like I said is so versatile. it is a very unique product in my opinion, it is a lip cream, stain, tint and gloss, apart from everything else,it is a super pigmented thick lip cream kind of color,you need a little to spread it evenly and get maximum color on the lips.

Kryolan Lip Gloss Nr.5


INR 275

This is more orange than the True red one, this is thicker and more even and somehow the texture also feels better and creamier. The color is bright red and it is more like a lip paint, a lip cream and not like a gloss, it is so creamy that if you touch it slightly on the center of the lips and spread it out, it is just enough, too much of a layer is not done with this one.

Kryolan Lip Gloss Nr.5-4

In fact I would say use it like a stain, or apply it lightly with a broader lip brush, and then spread you could use it on top of a dull lipstick, you have to add the minimum amount to the lips, too much will cake up and settle in lip lines.

Kryolan Lip Gloss Nr.5-5

Then of-course it is such a bright color that you need to go easy,it is more of a party or bridal wear but a very flattering red.The finish is an even creamy slightly glossy type, and it has no shimmer or sparkle, which is great.

Kryolan Lip Gloss Nr.5-6

red lip gloss

The applicator is simple and functional but I think Kryolan can make their packaging much more interesting honestly.But for the cost I have no complaints.

red lip gloss(2)

The color stays on and on bu might get patchy with meals, it will cover lip pigmentation and dry lips will find it comfortable too but it is not essentially moisturizing or a good lip cream/gloss.It works in a lot of ways and you need very little.

Used very lightly

red lip gloss(2)

IMBB rating:

4.5/5 A very interesting product.

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