Kryolan Lip Gloss – Pinot Noir

Kryolan Lip Gloss – Pinot Noir

After reviewing the reds from this collection I have a classic brown , a brick brown, which is insanely pigmented, like I said use it like a lip cream, a stain, a tint or paint, but this is no where close to a gloss,I love this product for its versatility and the price point, but the shades are pretty limited, they should call themselves lip paint.

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“Kryolan Lip Gloss pinot noir is a highly pigmented, creamy lip gloss –used for high coverage or a shimmer of color. Available in a range of useful colors.Kryolan Lip Gloss is a creamy lip gloss with a natural feel. It comes with a soft applicator. Available in a range of attractive colors, Kryolan Lip Gloss is highly pigmented so it can be used to add a touch of glitter to your lips or as a shiny, colored lipstick. The pearlescent and glitter shades can be worn alone or as an exciting final touch to opaque lipstick. Transparent adds gloss for a fresh, young look.”


INR 275

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The packaging is simply functional and sturdy, there is nothing fancy or exiting in their packaging like always, the gloss comes in a simple regular applicator, and the tube is quite tiny, it is smaller than regular glosses come in, anyway, so the color is so intense probably you need so less this will last you forever.

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The color is a pure cream no shimmer or anything it comes in a creamy matte color which when applied might look glossy but in an hour is settles down to matte looking color. Now it will remind you of NYX lip creams in a certain way

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This is thicker than the reds I reviewed, the color is intense but you can thin it out by spreading little and making it look lighter brick, otherwise it can be too dark, the color can be used with fingers for an an even finish.

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The product looks matte in an hour, it actually colors the skin and the lips so well, it wont budge but somehow after a meal, the color get patchy, so you have to be careful,it can be tricky for girls who like lighter feel lip color, this can feel cakey but i love mattes so I dont mind.It lasted me like 5 hours after which I stopped counting but it does get little untidy and matte and cakey if you are not so careful.

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For me this product works, but can be a pure hate relation for nonmatte lovers and sheer lip color lovers.The color is best used as a stain.

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  1. Looking awesommeeeeeeeeeeeee on you *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* such a gloss only for 275 *drool* *drool* *drool* i am getting the shades from this range asap *happydance* *happydance*

  2. Hi Neha,

    This Shade is looking damn pretty on ur lips… *preen*
    Could you Plz let me know where can i get Kryolan products in Pune or can i get it thru any online store?

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