Kryolan Lipstick LC 152 Review

Hello all,

Kryolan makes some really great stuff. I always wanted to try out their products after reading lot of amazing reviews on IMBB, so finally, I was able to get my hands on a few stuff from the brand and this lipstick is from the shopping haul which I did recently.

Kryolan Lipstick LC 152

INR 450 for 4 gm.

Kryolan Lipstick LC 152 shade label

My Experience with Kryolan Lipstick LC 152:

It comes in the usual metallic grey-silver Kryolan case with the number written at the base. The cap shuts tight and hence is travel friendly, but I am not a fan of this boring packaging and I wish they had named their lipsticks rather than numbering it which will make them easy to identify.

Kryolan Lipstick LC 152 outer packaging

I have a love-hate relationship with this lipstick. I always wanted to try a red and orangish shade and this lipstick is the perfect color that I was looking for, but the formulation is something that I didn’t like.

It also has a funny smell, kind of chemical smell, which would bother women with sensitive noses, but the smell fades after a few minutes.

Kryolan Lipstick LC 152 Review

It has amazing pigmentation. A single swipe is enough to cover pigmented lips. Being a matte lipstick, it dries out my lips very badly. It doesn’t go smooth on the lips either. There is lot of tugging and pulling, so I would suggest to use a lip brush to make the application process easier.

The staying power is decent around 5-6 hours but it starts to fade from the center and looks really ugly if regular touch-ups aren’t done. It leaves a orangish tint which doesn’t really go well with my complexion, the kind of tint that you get after eating an ice cream candy stick 😛

Kryolan Lipstick LC 152 swatch on hand

As I liked the lipstick shade, I didn’t want to give up that easily, so tried it after exfoliating my lips, and also used a liner, but it was the same story. It transfers a lot and leaves a stain everywhere. It even ruined a t-shirt of mine 🙁

Kryolan Lipstick LC 152 lip swatch

However, I am in love with this lipstick color and will try mixing it with other shades to see if I could pull it off; however, I am still looking out for a similar shade with a better formulation .

Pros of Kryolan Lipstick LC 152:

  • Affordable.
  • Amazingly pigmented.

Cons of Kryolan Lipstick LC 152:

  • Boring packaging.
  • Dries out my lips.
  • Fades unevenly.
  • Leaves a stain behind which is not really impressive.
  • Kryolan outlets are not available everywhere.
  • No name mentioned on the lipstick which will make it difficult to identify.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Lipstick LC 152?
No for both. There are better products available in the market.

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