Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Review

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We often come back from parties being super tired and we do not feel like going to the wash room at all. Now a makeup wipe may not be enough for removing all the waterproof, long-lasting makeup. But what if you get something like that and can remove the heaviest makeup sitting on your bed? I think I have discovered that. Read the review to know all about it.

Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Review

Product Description:
Make-up Remover Wipes in a practical soft pack for travelling are especially good for removing make-up and impurities on face and neck. Contains panthenol.

Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Details

INR 400 for 48 wipes

My Experience with Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack:

The wipes come in a deep blue packet with a flip top cap. The wipes are protected with a stick-on that retains the moisture of the wipes. The details about the products are mentioned at the back side of the packet.

Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Review

The wipe is more like a soft, thin cloth which is soaked in liquid. I mean there is too much of the liquid and you will get a lot if you squeeze the towel. The wipe is super soft and gentle on the skin. It won’t ever scratch or irritate the skin. It is like using a very soft towel to clean the face.

Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Cap Open

This is great to remove all sort of makeup. I think it works better than many makeup removers available in the market. It is like using micellar water which is soaked in a wipe. From waterproof mascara to lip stain, it removes everything. As it has panthenol which is a Vitamin B5 analog, it keeps the face soft and moist. You can skip your moisturizer if you feel exceptionally tired. Generally one wipe is enough for the face, but you can use two if the makeup is too heavy and you want to do a second cleansing to get rid of everything.

Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Wipe

Overall, I am happy about it. It is expensive and I won’t use it everyday. I will have it for removing heavy makeup on lazy days or if I am traveling.

Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack Hand Swatch

Pros of Kryolan Make-Up Remover Wipes Soft Pack:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Does not scratch the skin.
  • Very soft and gentle on skin
  • Removes every trace of makeup gently without too much rubbing.
  • Does not burn the eyes.
  • Contains vitamin B5 derivative that keeps the face soft.

Cons of Kryolan Make-up Remover Wipes Soft Pack:

  • Nothing at all.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Make-up Remover Wipes Soft Pack?
Yes, Yes and Yes.

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