Kryolan Pearl White Polyester Glimmer Fine Review

I own a couple of products from Kryolan but had completely forgotten about them. How could I, right? 😉 So, here is the review of Kryolan Pearl White Polyester Glimmer Fine. Keep reading to know more about this beautiful product.


INR 350 for 4 gm.
Product Description:
Polyester glimmer is a stunning product for creating beautiful, sparkling effects on the eyes, face, body and hair. It can be applied directly to the skin or on top of Multi gel, Hydro Spirit gum or Supracolor for longer lasting effects. It is available in 3 gradients of particle size from fine to coarse. This glitter like the product has been specifically designed for safe use around the eyes containing no trace of aluminium foil.


My Experience with Kryolan Pearl White Polyester Glimmer Fine:

The packaging of a glitter pack holds a lot of importance. It should be sturdy yet dispensing glitter should be easy enough. This is a really good packaging because it is sturdy and travel friendly. I know it won’t get opened on its own and that glitters won’t spill out unnecessarily. Yet, when I take the product on a brush, a little of it tends to spread here and there, which is quite normal with glitters.


The glitter/glimmer looks gorgeous in the packaging. Like, as a whole package, they look just so beautiful. You can sit back and admire the beauty of these glimmer particles. The texture of this glitter is quite smooth and easy to use. These glitter particles do not feel harsh or rough on the skin. You can feel a little rough texture if you use these dry but you don’t feel anything when you apply these over a base. Since these are not rough at all, you can easily use these over skin – on your eyes, face or anywhere on the body.


I find the product very easy to use. I mean, I am nowhere a makeup pro, yet can use it easily, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Pearl White is a gorgeous shade. It has a whitish base with loads and loads of golden-bronze glitters. It looks amazing on all sorts of eye makeup looks. I love applying it over my eye makeup when I go to weddings. This point brings me to the staying power. The staying power varies as per how you use it. If used dry, the glitters do not stay on the skin at all. In fact, they feel harsh on the skin. So, this is how I like to use it: I wet my brush with a makeup setting spray, apply some glitters on the brush and then apply on the skin. This way, it stays for around 5-6 hours. During this time, it does not budge and does not create any mess. For extreme staying power, one may use it over Multi Gel, Hydro Spirit Gum or Supracolor, as advised by the brand.


Overall, I love the fact that I own this product. It is just amazing and adds so much beauty to every makeup look. Plus, there are so many other shades and textures available. I didn’t know I could use these on my hair too earlier, would love to use it on my hair too this Diwali. 😀 I know a pack of glitter isn’t really a necessity in everyone’s vanity because we have shimmer and glitter eyeshadows. But this is such a beautiful product to own. Do give one of these a try if you are a makeup lover.

Pros of Kryolan Pearl White Polyester Glimmer Fine:

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not feel coarse.
  • Can be used on eyes, face, body and hair.
  • Gorgeous shade range.
  • Long staying power when used with a base.
  • Safe for eyes.
  • Doesn’t create any mess.
  • Lasts really long.

Cons of Kryolan Pearl White Polyester Glimmer Fine:

  • Packaging might lead to wastage.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Pearl White Polyester Glimmer Fine?
I am not sure about this particular shade, but yes, would love to own more shades from this range. Yes, I would recommend and you can definitely give these a try if you love to glam up with glitters.

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