Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review

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Hi all,

I have started experimenting with makeup these days and the IMBB sponsored product scheme keeps encouraging me to do that. When I started my makeup journey, I was skeptical about using black as I grew up hearing how black makes dusky women look dull. But I have come a long way since then and now I wear black with confidence. However, black glitter is a little too daring. I decided to buy black glitter after checking out a few eye makeup looks by Rati di. Read the review to know if I am happy with the purchase.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review

Price: 350 INR for 4 gm.
Product Description:
Polyester glimmer is a stunning product for creating beautiful, sparkling effects on body and hair. It can be applied directly to the skin or on top of Multi gel, Hydro Spirit gum or Supracolor for longer lasting effects. It is available in 3 gradients of particle size from fine to coarse.

My Experience with Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black:

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review All Glitters

Packaging: The glitter comes in a small, plastic, transparent, round pot with transparent lid. There is a hole in the pot that helps you take out the glitter. The lid shuts pretty tightly and the lightweight pots are thus very travel-friendly. The shade name and other details are mentioned at the bottom of the pot. Due to the transparent packaging, you can know the color from the outside too. The packaging is nothing luxurious, but it is definitely very user-friendly. However, you may end up bringing out too much product from the pot. You must be little careful about it.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review Top

Texture: Although the texture is fine, it does not adhere to the skin completely like few other fine glimmers in my stash. But again, it is not too loose either and it will definitely stick onto a creamy base without using any gum. I think the textures vary according to the color.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review Bottom

Color: I thought that black glitters will make the looks OTT and won’t suit regular looks but I was wrong. This is not flat like the basic black eyeshadows and again, it is subtle enough to be used as parts of regular makeup. It has the right hint of glitter in it which will make your black smokey eye look stand out. You can also use it to add some X-factor to your black lipsticks.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review Open

Staying Power: As I have mentioned earlier, it may get displaced if used alone and I don’t think you would want to take that kind of a risk with a shimmer. This stays in place when used with any mixing medium (I use Inglot Duraline) or glue. It is not messy post the application. The fallout during application can be taken care of using cello tape. Any oil-based cleanser can clean it off easily. The product is very comfortable and lightweight too. It sits easily on the skin without causing any heaviness or discomfort. The product does not cause any irritation to the eyes either and that is definitely a plus point if you have sensitive skin. However, you should be a little careful about applying glitters and make sure that they do not get into your eyes.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review

Overall, I am amazed by the product quality. It is quite cheap and the finish is really professional. If you want to add some shimmer to your black eye or lip makeup for Halloween, grab this pot and you will definitely thank me later.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black Review Swatch

Pros of Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black:

• Nice, travel-friendly packaging
• Super affordable
• This range offers some good shades
• The black glitter does not look OTT and you can definitely incorporate it in your makeup looks
• Provides extra sparkling effect
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Easy to apply
• Stays in place
• Safe for sensitive eyes
• Can be used on body, hair, face, nails, and lips

Cons of Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black:

• You may end up bringing out more than required

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Black?
I don’t think I will need another pot. You all must grab this one.

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