Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Pastel Red Review

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Currently, I am enjoying the glitters from Kryolan and I have already shared the review of two shades called Copper and Multicolor. In this article, I am going share my view on the shade Pastel Red. Let’s get into the review.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review

Price: Rs 517 for 4g
Product Description:
Polyester glimmer is a stunning product for creating beautiful, sparkling effects on body and hair. It can be applied directly to the skin or on top of Multi gel, Hydro Spirit gum or Supracolor for longer lasting effects. It is available in 3 gradients of particle size from fine to coarse.

My Experience with Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Pastel Red:

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Packaging

Kryolan Glitter comes in a mini pot with a clear lid. The packaging is very simple and lightweight, and there’s a round whole in the pot from where I can easily get the glitters. It is safe and travel-friendly too. Also, these are quite affordable glitters as well but availability is an issue with these.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Close up

The shade Pastel Red is a beautiful bright pink shade that has a nice blue hue. That blue shine looks really gorgeous and it is perfect for all, especially for wedding makeup. I don’t know why they named it red but it is actually a true pretty pink shade. We all love such pink shade and it goes well with all skin tones. I just love the sparkling effect of this shade. That dual effect makes it a gorgeous color.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Back

This is a normal fine medium-textured glitter which feels very light and comfortable. The texture is fine and easy to use. It provides a gorgeous sparkling effect. I love its super illuminating finish. This is a normal glitter which can be used in various ways. I can use it on eyes, lips, and body as well. This is such a party-perfect glitter and looks so beautiful on eyes. Also, as it has medium fine texture, it blends easily on the eyes and gives an even smooth finish.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Glitter

Now, glitters always need a strong base, so I need to apply a glitter primer and then with a flat shadow brush, I put these glitters on that place. It easily sticks on the primer and doesn’t look messy. To avoid the fallout, I prefer to place a tissue under my eyes but it doesn’t fall a lot. It also never irritated my eyes, but you need to be extra careful during the application.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Three glitters

I love its quality and the overall look, but if they fall on face, it is quite difficult to remove, and also, all the glitters are difficult to remove from the eyes. So, I found a new trick to remove them easily with a tape. Yes, a tape easily removes all the glitters and doesn’t need much effort either. So, there is no mess with the remover and glitters.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Hand swatch

Coming to the staying power, glitters stay around for 6-7 hours nicely, and it totally depends on the base primer that actually helps to hold it. So, a good primer will hold it for long. Also, it doesn’t look messy and glitters don’t spread all over my face. This shade also stays for long on lips too.

Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pastel Red Review Lip eyes swatch

Overall, I love this beautiful pink color that I can use in various ways. If you are a MUA, then you should have such glitters and it is beginner-friendly too. At this price, it works so well.

Pros of Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Pastel Red:

• Nice travel size packaging
• Affordable
• Beautiful pink glitters with blue hue in it
• Good for all and party-perfect shade
• Fine medium texture, easy-to-use
• Blends well and gives an even smooth finish
• Has that perfect high shine sparkling effect
• Lightweight quality feels comfortable
• Can use on body, lips, hair, face, and nails too.
• Stays nicely on the eyes
• Doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes

Cons of Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Pastel Red:

• Difficult to remove

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Pastel Red?
Yes, I will definitely purchase a few more shades.

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