Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 09502/00 Review

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I love gel eyeliners but the brushes that come with them are usually not good enough. I was at the Kryolan store the other day and was looking for a nice eyeliner brush. The SA suggested me to try this brush and now I am in love!

Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 0950200 Review

INR 450
Product Description:
Premium Lining Brush made of high-quality natural hair is ideal for accurate drawing of lines. The perfect eyeliner is no longer a problem. The elegant metal handle has a silvery finish.

My Experience with Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 09502/00:

The brush is sturdy and slim. It is easy to hold and work with, especially for people like me who tend to mess up their eyeliner. I feel the size of the brush is perfect. In fact, the size and density of the bristles are perfect, too. The bristles are stuck together and that’s how they facilitate application of your eyeliner.

Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 0950200 full

The bristles are small and have a nice shape. They do not lose their shape of color even after washing. I have used this brush for the application of both gel and liquid eyeliner and it works just perfectly. It does not soak any product and apply it on my eyelids beautifully.

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Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small bristles

Since the brush is so thin and lightweight, you can have full control over it. Hence, your application skills would improve with this brush. You can start with a thin line and then gradually thicken it as per your liking. Another great thing is that this brush doesn’t lose its well-thought shape after wash. It retains its shape and its performance or quality does not get affected.

Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small tip

Overall, I am in love with this brush. I feel it is a must-have especially if you’re a beginner and desire to have more control over your brush. The bristles are soft and do not hurt your eyes. If you’re a beginner or fumble during application, you’ll love this brush. This is so much better than thick brushes and it helps to achieve almost every eyeliner look.

Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small

Pros of Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 09502/00:

  • Slim handle.
  • Perfect bristles.
  • Works really well with gel and liquid eyeliners.
  • Does not lose its shape.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • No shedding.

Cons of Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 09502/00:

  • None for me.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Premium Lining Brush Small 09502/00?
Yes, it’s one of the best eyeliner brushes ever!

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