Kryolan Professional Angular Brush 12 (3812) Review

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Hello all,

Today, I will be reviewing the Kryolan 3812 Professional Angular Brush 12.

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

Product Description:

Professional Make-up Brushes are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using natural Chinese sable to create these excellent make-up brushes – and to provide the make-up artist with a functional tool at an especially attractive price. Each brush is delivered in a hygienic individual packing, in a cellophane bag. The Professional make-up brushes are available in four models: Round, Flat, Filbert, Angular.  8 mm, angular, size 12.


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I bought it for Rs. 150/-

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

My Take on Kryolan Professional Angular Brush 12 (3812):

According to me, an angled brush is an eye makeup essential. I bought this brush to mainly define cream eyeshadows and to fill in eyebrows. This brush has super soft bristles that do not shed at all. The bristles are dense enough to catch enough amount of eyeshadow. The only problem with the brush is that the bristles are not too stiff to apply creamy liner with precision, so picking this one thinking you could do great winged eyes is not a good idea.

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

I LOVE to use it for filling my brows. Since it does not draw a precise line, my brows look very natural after filling. I also use it to apply eyeshadow on my lower lash line and to apply highlighter under my brow, following the arch.

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

Since an angled brush is totally a multiple purpose brush, having one in your vanity is quite important. It can pick up a lot of color if you’re not careful, and you might end up with more color than you wanted.

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

The brush comes in an ordinary plastic cover like all the other brushes, which makes me wonder why Kryolan packs their brushes belonging to the professional range in such a below-par packaging.  It is a sturdy brush and I’d most certainly carry it with me if I am to travel, since this helps me quite a lot with my eye-makeup.

Kryolan Professional Angular Brush

Pros of Kryolan Professional Angular Brush 12 (3812):

  • Helps filling in eyebrows.
  • Bristles are not extremely stiff.
  • Multi-purpose brush.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Also helps in crease work.

Cons of Kryolan Professional Angular Brush 12 (3812) :

  • Availability.
  • Not excellent at drawing precise lines.

IMBB Rating:



This is an angular brush on budget. For it’s price, the quality is very good. Get your hands on it if you happen to find it.

Thank you!

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