Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush Review

Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush

Professional Fan Brush is a powder brush in fan shape, made of top-quality, white goat’s hair. Especially effective in the application of blusher and powder.


INR 160

Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush

I have been looking for a fan brush like forever, but I honestly know I wont be using it as much as say a powder brush, so I did not want to go overboard but still wanted a decent one, and I am so thankful we have a Kryolan store here, they have nice affordable brushes, more reviews coming up your way 🙂

I saw this brush in the store but it had no cover, it does not retail with a cover on, so I thought i dont know whether it is so bad or something but when I saw 160 i thought it is not harm in trying this one as I dont really own any fan brush, so I went ahead with this, I got many others as well.

So why we need fan brush:

To sweep off excess fall out
To apply blush lightly
To apply bronzer
To contour lightly
To contour the sides of the nose
To apply powder foundation lightly
To diffuse any harsh colors
To apply face powder lightly

Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush (4)

So now do you think you need one:P Well let us see how the brush from Kyrolan is now..I liked the brush a lot but I am not happy with the goat hair usage, anyway, the brush looks rough but trust me it feels very soft, and it is dense enough, but not stiff, so I think it would be great for lighter powder application.It applies blush lightly at an angle, it sweeps off eye shadow fall out pretty well, and I think it is ultimate to use the bronzing powder lightly on the contours, since the application is so light you can barely ever go wrong.

Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush (3)

Now I dont see the ease of nose contouring with this honestly but common it has been put to many good uses to I dont really contour the nose. I have a pretty sharp and long nose 😛 but otherwise this brush is just right, dense enough but not stiff, it washes easily and there is no fall out till now whatsoever, even if you try pulling at the brush, not a single hair comes off.So for 160 its a steal if you don’t like synthetic hair.

Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush (2)

For the cost the handle is a simple silver one, nothing fancy but I think the brush could be a little more dense but it is fine with me, it is nice brush from a decent company in a decent cost.

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14 thoughts on “Kryolan Professional Art 1731 Fan Brush Review

      1. we dont have a kryolan store here neha di. i was just checking online and my bro is currently in delhi, so i thought he could get me *ghost* 😛

        1. i love kryolan products, u know. i got a few when stylecraze stocked these. but now no access except asking someone to get a few *cry* *waaa*

  1. Neha di you are tempting me to try out new new things *hifive* i want to get a fan brush now *happy dance* does kryolan sell stuff online ?? *woot*

  2. OMG I feel like using a fan brush like NOW! I havent used it in ages. I use it mostly to highlight the cheekbones. and at 160 , you are right. It IS a steal. Good review neha 🙂

  3. HI Everyone *happydance* we have Kryolan Store in Mumbai at crowford Market , Beauty Palace….do try out wide range of Kryolan.. *happy dance*

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