Kryolan Professional Art. 3507 Brush Review

Kryolan Professional Art. 3507 Brush

Hey Girls,

How are you all doing today? Hope you all are having fun enjoying the chilling weather. During my trip to Delhi, along with Kryolan Eyeshadow Base, I also picked up a brush from their range – Kryolan Professional Art. 3507. This is my first time experience with Kryolan Makeup Brushes, I usually stick to most sold/preferred brands when it comes to brushes.

Kryolan Professional  Art.3507 Brush

About the product:

Experienced craftsmen use natural Chinese sable to create these excellent make-up brushes – and to provide the make-up artist with a functional tool at an especially attractive price. Each brush is delivered in a hygienic individual packing, in a cellophane bag.

The Professional make-up brushes are available in four models:

Round, Flat, Filbert,Angular

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Price: Around Rs. 200 (I am not sure I picked it up sometime back)

My thoughts on Kryolan Professional Art. 3507:

I want to confess that makeup brushes is my weakness, I like to try any and all kinds of shapes when it comes to brushes. Though I haven’t tried any brushes nor heard much about the Kryolan Makeup Brushes, I was tempted to try it out given the price factor – these are really cheap! Of all the brushes Kryolan Store stocked, the Professional Art. 3507 brush impressed me a lot by the looks.

Kryolan Professional  Art.3507 Brush - 5

Kryolan Professional Art. 3507 brush has long rounded doomed bristles and by the looks of it, I thought it is perfect for blending eyeshadows at the crease. Though the bristles are really soft to touch and does not irritate the skin, I wish it was somewhat more firmer. It does not pick up the color to apply in the crease area nor does it blend the eyeshadow that well. The brush is not as fluffy as you want an eyeshadow blending brush to be. At the best what it can do is clean up the mess after I am done with my makeup.

Kryolan Professional  Art.3507 Brush-3
The bristles are not 100% synthetic which is not I generally prefer but I still picked it up. During the first few washes it did shed few bristles which is a big negative for me. Thankfully, the brush was efficient enough to go back to its usual shape after drying.

Kryolan Professional  Art.3507 Brush-4

What I Like About Kryolan Professional Art. 3507:

Very cheap brush from a Professional brand
Soft bristles
Helps in cleaning the eyeshadow fallout

What I don’t Like Kryolan Professional Art. 3507:

Looks like a blending brush but does not blend the eyeshadows well
Made from Sable hair. Not 100% animal cruelty free
Sheds bristles after washing
The brush is not very firm. Does not hold well against the skin
Does not pick any color from the pan

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Is it for you? If you are beginner with makeup then you can get the Kryolan Professional Art. 3507 and see how it works for you. Otherwise you can totally skip this.

Thanks for reading! See you next time 🙂

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  1. that’s kinda loooong brush for blending. you are right it looks like that you wouldn’t get the control you need for blending!! good review 🙂

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