Kryolan Professional Art 3806 & 1707 Brushes Review


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Today, I am back again with another kryolan product. I have become a huge fan of kryolan. I really love them for their amazing price and quality. Thank god, I have to travel quite far to reach the store otherwise I will be having zero balance in my card 😛 I had been using the regular vega eyeshadow brush for a while I wanted to change it as the bristles went really flat. So I went to kryolan and bought their eye shader brush and a small angle brush. Read on to know more about them.

kryolan makeup brushes

I was looking out for a small angle brush to apply my gel liner. Kryolan offers angle brush in different sizes ranging from small to big. I got the smallest size number 6 in the range. :

kryolan brush (2)

What kryolan describes it as:

Professional Make-up Brushes are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using natural Chinese sable to create these excellent make-up brushes – and to provide the make-up artist with a functional tool at an especially attractive price. Each brush is delivered in a hygienic individual packing, in a cellophane bag. The Professional make-up brushes are available in four models: Round, Flat, Filbert, Angular.

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INR 90


Kryolan brushes normally come in a flip type normal plastic cover but this brush did not have any cover and there was only one piece left so I just grabbed it. The body of the blush brush is made half of metal which holds the bristles of the brush intact and the other half of grey silver colour aluminium where the name of the brush is printed in black. The bristles of the brush are soft brown in color. The packaging is sleek and nice as usual of their brushes.


Kryolan professional art 3806 is a perfect liner brush. It is perfect for applying eye liner, eye shadow on the lower and upper lash line. The brush has perfect ergonomic handle, it does help application easier.
kryolan brush (1)

kryolan 1707 brush (2)

As I said earlier I was looking out for an eye shader brush as a replacement for my Vega eye brush. Kryolan retails different qualities of brushes, they had premium, excellence and professional range. I bought both the brushes from professional range.

What kryolan describes it as

Professional Eye Shadow Application Brush made from extra soft natural hair bristles, for application of eye shadow.

Price :

INR 80


The packaging is same as their angle brush.


Kryolan professional art 1707 is an eye shader brush. It is perfect for applying eye shadow on the moving lid eye area and also at the outer v of the eye. The brush has a rounded end and the bristles are super soft. The bristles are quite dense not flat as many affordable brushes have. I really liked the brush for the density of the bristles, at this price the brush offers more than you would expect. Light weight and good handle length is also a bonus of the product.
kryolan 1707 brush (1)

Maintenance of Kryolan professional art 1707 and 3806:

The brushes do not require any high maintenance. I use it almost every day and love the brush for bearing all the rough handling I do. I like to wash them three times a week and there is no shedding at all. Affordable brushes have the tendency to turn rough after one or two washes, nothing of that sort happened with this brush. The only thing which I can point out for maintenance is that the print on the brush after a month or so will disappear. Overall a big yes for quality and price 😀

Pros of Kryolan professional art 1707 and 3806:

• Ergonomic handles – The brush handle is not long or short it is perfect and very comfortable to use.
• Bristles are soft and dense.
• Easy to apply with precision – perfect size for the desired eye makeup.
• Gives quite good finish.
• No shedding or colour bleeding.
• Attractive price.

Cons of Kryolan professional art 1707 and 3806:

• Nothing at all- I love it.
• May be availability- for the price and quality they are always out of stock.

kryolan 1707 brush (3)


5/5 for both the brushes 😀


Yes, yes and yes please buy them you would not regret. I already own so many of their brushes and I would keep buying them for their amazing quality and price.

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