Kryolan Professional Eyeshadow Application Brush No. 3511 Review

Hi All,

Today I will review my first ever eyeshadow application and blending brush from Kryolan. Read on to find out how it fared.

About Kryolan professional eyeshadow application brush:

Professional Eye Shadow Application Brush is made from extra soft natural hair bristles, for application of eye shadow.




INR 150/ $11.10.

My Experience with Kryolan Professional Eyeshadow Application Brush:

I have been searching for a good eyeshadow blending brush for a long time and I picked up this. When I went to Kryolan, Delhi, I was amazed with their collection of makeup brushes. The store has some really unique products which are super affordable. This brush only costed me 150 Rs. I am very bad at applying eyeshadows, but this brush really changed the way shadows look on my eyes now.



The brush is made of natural hair fibres and they are very soft on your eyes. No poking problems. It has half wooden and half metal handle. The hairs are densely packed. I have washed this brush many times and it did not shed at all. I did not expect all of this at such a low price.

I use this brush to apply and blend eyeshadows and it does a superb job in both. I have also used it to apply highlighter in the inner corner of my eyes and brow bone. This is so sleek that I have used this on the bridge of my nose as well. I think this is quite a multi-purpose brush for me.


Pros of Kryolan Professional Eyeshadow Application Brush:

  • Natural hair
  • Very soft
  • Great applicator and blending brush
  • Does not shed
  • Super affordable

Con of Kryolan Professional Eyeshadow Application Brush:

Availability is a big issue with Kryolan.

IMBB Rating: 5/5




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