Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge Review

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Along with right makeup, right tools are also necessary to make your makeup flawless. I decided to buy a new beauty sponge and picked this new launch from Kryolan. Read the review to know more about it in details.

Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge Review

Product Description:
The latex free Unicorn Perfecter Sponge made of Yukilon Grace, a precious Japanese caoutchouc, is formulated to apply and blend cream- and liquid make-up, primer and even powders especially pleasant, precise and streak-free to the skin. Its special texture is not only flexible and elastic but also antibacterial. Additionally, it protects the sponge from a rapid abrasion and from yellowing by either being washed or being exposed to UV light. The sponge works best when it has been soaked in water and then squeezed out leaving the sponge damp but not wet.


My Experience with Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge:

There is nothing to talk about the packaging of this product. It comes in a clear plastic pouch with the name printed on it. You have to buy a separate stand to store the product in it.

Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge Packaging

This is a nude orange colored sponge that has a tear-drop shape. The size is perfect to work with. The broad end is great for dabbing the foundation or powder in the skin. The tip is great for reaching the corners. It is neither too soft nor too firm. I love how squeezy it is.

Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge in Hand

Once you wet and squeeze out the excess water, it becomes softer and lighter to a certain extend. Obviously, there won’t be a big difference. But, you will definitely feel it in your hand. However the size does not change, so if you are expecting that, you will be disappointed.

Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge Round

It can be used to apply anything and everything. I prefer blending my cream foundations with this over the liquids. I feel the liquid somehow gets soaked up to a certain extend in the sponge. To make that work, I generally apply the liquid on skin, allow it to be a little sticky and semi-dry and then finally blend it out. I also love blending the highlighter with it. It also applies powder well. I love dabbing in my powder blush with it when I am looking for a very natural finish.

Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge After Use

The best part is probably the quality. It feels too soft on the skin. It never irritates or rubs or tugs against the skin. It is a great option if you have acne-prone skin. It is washed off easily and product does not get damaged due to wash.

Overall, I am happy with the sponge. May be I would have preferred it if it blended liquid foundations well. Also, I expected it to become fluffier when wet, so that disappointed me. Otherwise, this is a good product to apply your makeup perfectly.

Pros of Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge:

  • Small sponge, easy to work with.
  • Not too heavy.
  • Very good quality sponge.
  • Blends out products evenly and smoothly.
  • Becomes very squishy and soft when damp.
  • The flat end blends product on broad area and tip reaches out to the corners.
  • No sign of wear and tear with multiple uses.
  • Can be used to apply setting powder and powder blush, to give a non-cakey, subtle finish.
  • Very soft on skin.
  • Easy to wash it off, no discoloration noticed.

Cons of Kryolan Unicorn Perfecter Sponge:

  • Not great for liquids.
  • Does not become fluffy and bigger when it is wet.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Unicorn Perfecter Sponge?
I feel that it is better to invest in a sponge that is an all rounder if it is your first. In that case, skip this one. If you are planning to add one extra to your collection, this can be the one.

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