L.A. Colors Sand Castles Jumbo Eye Pencil Review

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Today, I will be reviewing my second favorite product from the humongous haul that I did.  It’s the Jumbo eye pencil from LA Colors in the shade “Sand Castles.”

L.A. Colors Sand Castles Jumbo Eye Pencil

I got it at $!

LA colors jumbo eye pencil

My Experience with L.A. Colors Sand Castles Jumbo Eye Pencil:

Packaging: This jumbo eye pencil comes in a thick, matte black pencil form. It has a plastic cap. The body has the ingredients list and name of the product printed in white. The other end of the pencil has been painted the same shade as the eye pencil. The pencil looks cute and chubby. It isn’t that big, so you can carry it in your makeup pouch easily.

Jumbo eye pencil

Jumbo eye pencil Ingredients

Color/Pigmentation: “Sand Castles” is a beautiful bronze gold color which looks like a shimmery taupe color. I really love such colors, so I had to pick it up. The pencil has shimmer to it which looks really lovely on dark eyes. You can use these eye pencils as an eyeshadow base too. The pigmentation of these eye pencils is really good. Only one stroke is required to get the beautiful bronze gold color on to the eyes. It brightens up your eyes if you put some product in the inner corner of the eyes too. The pigmentation is buildable.

Gold eye pencil

Texture: These eye pencils are super creamy and glide on without any tug on the eyelids as well as on the waterline. You do not feel the shimmer and since it is that smooth and creamy, it’s easy to blend if you are using it as an eyeshadow or as an eyeshadow base. Either way, it makes your eyes look pretty.

Eye pencil

Staying Power:  These eye pencils stay for a pretty long time.  It does smudge a little bit, but it still doesn’t make my eyes look bad! It fades after 3-4 hours and doesn’t leave all the shimmer behind!

Eye pencil

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of L.A. Colors Sand Castles Jumbo Eye Pencil:

  • Chubby and cute packaging.
  • Beautiful bronze-gold color.
  • Can be used as an eye pencil, eyeshadow base or an eyeshadow itself.
  • Smooth and creamy texture.
  • Very well pigmented.
  • Stays for quite long.
  • Would suit all skin tones.

Cons of L.A. Colors Sand Castles Jumbo Eye Pencil:

  • Not easily available in India.

IMBB Rating:

Final Verdict:
For just a dollar, it’s a steal!

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  1. All these shades look so tempting Priyanka.. My favorite among the range is desert rose, relaxation and then this shade. Plus they are sooooo cheap that I want to buy them all!! 😀

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