L.A. Colors Scrumptious Matte Pout Lipgloss Review

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Today’s review will be one of the six liquid lipsticks I picked up from L.A. Colors. Let’s get started!


Price: $1
Product Description:
Love your lips with two new lipgloss finishes – Matte and Super Shine. Pout lipglosses are a gloss lover’s dream. The long-wearing Matte formula goes on like a traditional gloss and dries to a long lasting matte finish. The Super Shine formula is flecked with shimmer that glides on leaving lips moisturized with shiny color.


My Experience with L.A. Colors Scrumptious Matte Pout Lipgloss:

Packaging: This liquid lipstick comes in very cute packaging. The bottom is transparent and the top part is black in colour. You can easily spot the shade and pick it up from your stash. The liquid lipstick comes in a short tube which looks cute and can be easily tossed into a bag. It has a long doe foot applicator which can apply the lipstick pretty well on the lower lip but if you have thin lips, you might struggle just a bit.


Colour/Pigmentation: ‘Scrumptious’ is a dark vampy shade. It’s a maroon shade with some purple and brown in it. I love such bold lip colours that scream fall. It is very patchy though, if you don’t apply nicely and quickly. The liquid lipstick is really very pigmented but sometimes the pigmentation does go streaky and uneven.


Texture: The texture is mousse-like but with dark shades the problem is that they look patchy on the lips. It is very drying on my lips. And removing darker shades is a pain. They stain your lips but the stain can be easily removed. Also, when you smack your lips, the pigmentation does transfer.


Staying Power: This formula clings on to your lips pretty well and can stay up to 8 hours. It fades after 4-5 hours from the centre of your lips, hence touch-ups are needed.



Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of L.A. Colors Scrumptious Matte Pout Lipgloss:

• Very cheap
• Comes in a variety of colors to choose from
• Very pretty shade
• Suits many skin tones
• Cute packaging


Cons of L.A. Colors Scrumptious Matte Pout Lipgloss:

• Very drying on my lips
• Goes patchy and then looks cakey
• Removing it is a pain
• Transfers when you purse your lips

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase L.A. Colors Scrumptious Matte Pout Lipgloss?
No, I have 6 of these and I’m pretty sure I don’t want more.

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