L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black Review

Skin tone: Medium, tanned
Skin type: Oily and sensitive

Hi girls,

I recently lost my two black kajals so I thought of picking one new for me. I picked this L.A Girl Eyeliner in the shade black but it didn’t reach up to my high expectations. Read on for the more details.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black

Price: Rs.250/- for 1.3g
Product Description:
Eye definition becomes easier and more exciting with our new and improved pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, your customers will have the variety they desire, all year round.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black ingredients

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My Experience with L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black:

It is a normal wooden pencil liner which needs to be sharpened but it doesn’t come with any sharpener. The pencil comes in a normal matte black color with a black cap. It is totally travel-friendly one. I prefer a twist up pencil over this but the quality is nice and sturdy and it doesn’t need frequent sharpening. Also there is less wastage during sharpening the pencil.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black packaging

I have the shade Black and it is a normal soft matte black shade. It looks natural on eyes. It is not that super jet black shade which I mostly prefer to wear. Still I am happy with the shade. Also I can build up the color by layering it. Shade is decently pigmented not highly. It needs a few strokes for the true black shade. It is good for daily wear. It doesn’t have any shimmer or shinning particles in it so it looks pretty on eyes.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black texrure

It has a very smooth soft texture which glides easily on eyes and also on the water line. There is no tugging during application. It is so easy to apply and it goes very smoothly without any irritation. It has nice velvety matte texture. I can create thin to thick line with this liner. Also it has a nice thin tip that helps to apply my kajal easily on eyes.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner

It feels soft and never feels patchy after application. It doesn’t dry out quickly so I can smudge it for a soft natural line. But for its creamy texture it smudges from eyes, mostly from my both inner corners. After 3-4hrs my both corners look messy. It also transfers on my oily lid. Formula is not 100% water proof that it moves from my watery eye corners. I don’t like the formula that much. If I rub my eyes unfortunately, it turns horrible. But it acts as a nice base of my smoky eye look.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black pencil tip

This is not long lasting eyeliner. It stays nicely around 5hrs but after that it transfers on lid a little. Also it moves from my corners and looks smudgy on eyes. And after 6-7hrs it looks faded and messy around my eyes. But it stays nicely around 5hrs on my waterline which is really a good part. Still I am not impressed with this liner. I always prefer a long lasting smudge proof liner and this is not my cup of tea. I have lots of better option. Only it works pretty well for its creamy texture that I can use it as a base of my smoky eye look. Otherwise it’s just a normal average black kajal.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black swatch

Pros of L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black:

• Nice color coded packaging and affordable.
• Natural black shade.
• Decently pigmented.
• Nice creamy matte finish.
• Soft texture smoothly glides on eyes without any tugging.
• Never dries out quickly and acts as a base for smoky eye look.
• Never looks patchy or dry.
• Never irritated my eyes.
• Stays decently around 5hrs on water line.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black EOTD

Cons of L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black:

• Need to sharp but no sharpener provided.
• Does transfer and smudge.
• Not water proof.
• Smudges from both the corners and looks messy.
• Not super long lasting eyeliner.
• Looks messy after 7hrs.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend L.A. Girl Eyeliner Black?
No, I have lots of better options. You can skip this if you want a long lasting smudge proof kajal.

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