L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner Review

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Today’s review is going to be on the L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner. I usually prefer pen style eyeliners, given my busy schedule, as they are easy to use. So I gave this eyeliner a try and it turned out to be the biggest disappointment of this year. Let’s get into the details.
L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner Review

Product Description:
Mark My Eyes is a NEW innovative liquid eyeliner that perfectly creates bold, intense lines while the Fineline fine-tip liner creates a thin, precise line in just one stroke! Both pens are water-based and have a soft flexible tip for precision and control while delivering the right amount of color.

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My Experience with L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner:

The liner comes in a jumbo sized pen packaging in black & red color, with a black cap. It looks nice and is definitely travel-friendly. Such pen liners are always easy to use. It also contains a nice amount of the product. It has a thick pointed brush applicator which works smoothly. But the applicator is too flexible, so I can’t control it. It is quite difficult to apply a thin line with this jumbo brush. It is best to draw thick lines, though. This pointed tip doesn’t work well to create a sharp wing. It needs lots of effort to create a winged liner. So I don’t like this applicator tip.


It’s a normal black liner with low pigmentation. It looks good on hand swatches, but the color doesn’t look jet black on the eyes. A lot of swipes are needed for the desired color to show up. On darker skin tones, it looks really poor. One swipe just provides a sheer shade of black.

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It has a nice smooth texture which glides easily on my eyes. It is really easy to apply a thick liner with this. It works smoothly. But the texture is little thin which easily disappears from my eyes. It takes some time to dry out properly; once it dries out, it gives a nice velvety finish. But, due to its poor pigmentation, it never looks perfect on the eyes. It feels extremely light on the eyelids and it doesn’t dry out my eyes.

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Owing to its thick applicator, it is quite hard to apply a perfect line in one go. I am usually quite good at drawing those perfect lines on my eyes with a single swipe. But I can’t do this effortlessly with this eyeliner. It fades from my eyes easily and it transfers on my eyelid during application and also after few minutes. The formulation of this liner is not so good. It is not smudge proof and water proof either. It easily washes out with water. It smudges automatically after few hours. I have oily sweaty skin and it looks really bad on me after few hours. But it can be removed easily.


The longevity of this eyeliner is very low. It hardly stays for 2-3 hours. During summers, it fades within 1 hour. I always prefer a long lasting liner and this one is a big disappointment. It smudges from the outer corners easily and it looks messy. Overall I am not happy with this eyeliner. It is hard to work with and it doesn’t have any good quality. I have better options in my collection.

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Pros of L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner:

• Cute, travel-friendly pen style packaging.
• Good quantity for the price.
• The applicator is good enough to create thick lines.
• Glides smoothly on the lids.
• Easy to remove.

Cons of L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner:

• Can’t create thin lines with this applicator.
• The applicator is too flexible to work with.
• Cannot create winged liner flawlessly.
• Poor pigmentation.
• Is not smudge proof & waterproof.
• Fades easily.
• Transfers on the lids.
• Low staying power.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase/Recommend L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Long Lasting Extreme Bold Eyeliner?
No! There are so many better options available in the market.

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