L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection Review

L.A. Girl has become one of the most affordable companies which has some very good professional products like their L.A. Girl HD Pro concealer, L.A. Girl Matte liquid lipstick, Pro BB cream etc. Last year in July – August, they released the Beauty Bricks collection. I have already reviewed ‘The Nudes’ palette from this collection, so let us move on to review another one i.e., Neons.

L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection (3)

My take on L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection:

The packaging in this collection is the same. The eye shadows are enclosed in a black glossy cardboard box. The lid has a magnetic enclosure. It also has a transparent window on top, which gives a peek to the vibrant colors of the palette. The lid is not secure. The packaging is surely not a travel-friendly one. There is a sleek mirror provided on the back of the lid. Mirror is of no use as I observed my eyes hardly reflect within that space properly. There are 12 shades of neon colors – 5 shimmer shades, 3 shades with very slight glitter and rest of the 4 are matte shades. It has a double-sided applicator with a brush at one end and the other end as a sponge tip. The base is light green in color. At the back, the ingredient details, weight, name etc. are mentioned. The amount of the product is 12gm, which means each shade is 1 gram each.

L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection (2)

$9 (INR 540 approximately)

To describe them all separately, I have named the eye shadows from 1-12.

1, 2 and 4 – These shades have a good amount of chunky glitter particles. Application is smooth though. 1 and 2 transferred evenly on the skin but the 4 did not perform that well. These have the least amount of spillage among all. No serious fall out on application honestly.

L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection (6)

9 and 11 – These two shades have a satin finish. No glitters or shimmer particles are visible to from near by as well. Both the shades were easily applicable and transferred evenly. Less or no fall out.

3,7 and 10 – These three shades appear matte on the skin as well as in the pan, but they have little sparkle particles visible if seen closely. For most of the part, the consistency is little chalk-like. They did not transfer evenly. Application will not be a smooth job with these shades.

5, 6, 8 and 12 – These shades are flat matte. They are dry in texture. They fly on dipping brush and these do not easily or evenly transfer. The finish is chalk-like.

L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection (4)

L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection (5)

Pigmentation is different for all the eye shadows.
1, 2 and 4 – 1 and 2 are white and silver shimmery shades. For them, the pigmentation is good. Perfect for night outs!!
4 is light pastel green spring/summer color. Perfect for daytime gatherings. Pigmentation is neither good nor bad.
9 and 11 – These are the best colors of this palette texture, pigmentation wise. 9 is a violet shade and 11 a sky blue satin color. 9 can be a good party time shade but 11 will need real funky spirit to flaunt on one’s eyes.
3, 7 and 10 – Although for most of the part, they appear matte, their pigmentation is good. Since glitters are not right in your face, these shades perform well.
5, 6, 8 and 12 – These shades are good for nothing. No pigmentation, texture is not good enough. Can’t even use them for stage makeup. Total flop!!

Staying Power:
Overall, these eye shadows will stay for 5-6 hours on your lids with primer. I have not given them a try with MAC Fix plus or any makeup setting spray, as I am so disappointed with the textures.

Pros of L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection:

  •  Set of unusual vibrant colors
  •  Affordable

Cons of L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection:

  • Loose packaging
  • Staying power not good
  • Pigmentation very poor
  • Matte shades too dry
  • Dissatisfying texture
  • Availability

IMBB Rating : 2/5

Would you recommend L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection?
No, please do not buy it. Even if it is only $9, it is not worth spending on this palette.

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6 thoughts on “L.A.Girl Neons Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection Review

  1. I’ll skip this one but i am definitely going to buy the nude one as i am a beginner and it is affordable so yayy

  2. Looking at the first picture I thought I would not like the shades but actually they are quite pretty and wearable. I like shade number 9 a lot. But otherwise it is such a dud. :/

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