L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer Review

Skin type: Oily, sensitive & acne prone
Skin tone: medium tanned

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Hi girls,

L.A Girl recently launched some makeup stuff in India and I am super excited about that. I picked a few of them. My oily skin always wants a good primer and to make my makeup last longer I picked this L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer. Scroll drown to know how it works on my oily skin.

L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer

Price: Rs. 850/- for 15ml
Product Description & Ingredients:
L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer details

My Experience with L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer:

The primer comes in cute small white flat tube with a black cap. I really like this small lightweight tube packaging that is easy to carry around. Also the dispenser provides the right amount of products at once. But compared to other gel primers the quantity is little less at this price. Colorbar has 30ml product at this same price and the quality is also quite similar, even better.

L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Primer

The primer comes in medium to thick clear gel texture that glides smoothly on skin. It feels light on skin and instantly absorbs into skin. For its clear formula it goes with any skin tone and looks extremely natural on skin. It is a silica based primer and I usually need small amount of product. It settles down into a velvety silky matte texture and I can say it is a perfect matte primer. It provides that perfect shine-free smooth soft finish on skin. But it is not enough moisturizing. If I apply it on my just-cleaned face then my skin feels little stretchy so it is better to apply a light moisturizer underneath it, then it feels better and soft on skin.

On my oily skin, it has a perfect non drying matte finish and it makes skin silkier than usual. I absolutely love its velvety matte texture and it just feels that I have nothing on my face; still my skin looks smooth & fresh. It also covers large open pores. It makes my pores less visible but can’t totally hide them. It definitely reduces the fine lines and makes skin look younger.

L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer packaging

It really acts nice as a base of makeup. My foundation and makeup glides smoothly on this and they look flawless. All the colors I have applied on my skin look so true and perfect with this base primer. They blend easily and evenly on skin. Still I feel that the finish could have been smoother; currently I am using Lakme Primer and the finish of the Lakme primer is great. But this does not have that polished professional finish; it’s just a nice smooth finish. Also, no matter how much product I apply, still it never makes me cakey. My skin looks fresh and smooth for long.

As it has a matte texture so it can control my oil and shine on face for a good time period. It can nicely control oil up to 5 hours. After that my T zone looks little shinny. I wish it controlled oil a little longer; it can’t control sweat that much but my face never looks messy.

L.A. Girl PRO.Prep High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer

Now coming to the longevity of this primer, it helps my makeup last for good time. It keeps my makeup in placed for around 7 hours nicely. After that my skin looks little dull for the oily shine. But it prevents my makeup from creasing or breaking. My shimmery makeup never moves from its place and stays good on skin. Also it is a paraben free & fragrance free primer. It suits on my sensitive skin nicely and never broke me out.

I can’t call it a best one but I like this primer that keeps my makeup in place. Only it is not super effective to control oil for long like a silica based primer and that’s why after 7-8 hours my makeup becomes little messy. But overall it is definitely a nice matte primer which makes skin naturally smooth and silky.

L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer nozzle

Pros of L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer:

• Cute travel friendly tube.
• Clear gel looks natural and goes with all skin tone.
• Feels light on skin.
• Gel texture glides smoothly on skin.
• Provides a perfect velvety matte finish to skin.
• Skin feels super smooth and silky.
• My foundation and makeup blends effortlessly on skin.
• Reduces large open pores & minimizes fine lines.
• Makeup last around 7 hours nicely.
• Controls oil and shine for around 5 hours.
• Prevents makeup from creasing and breaking.
• Never broke me out.
• Paraben & fragrance free.

L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer swatch

Cons of L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer:

• Quality is less considering the price.
• Might feel little stretchy on dry skin.
• Can’t control sweat that much.
• Wish it control oil for a little longer.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend L.A. Girl PRO.Prep HD.High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer?
I am not sure, it works just like other gel primers but the quality is less little. But if you want to try a perfect matte primer then you can definitely try this.

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  1. Since the time I have been using LA pro hd concealer, I have been mighty impressed with the quality of this brand, time to get other stuff now 🙂

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