LA Colors Auto Lip Liner Burgundy Review, Swatch

LA Colors Auto Lip Liner Burgundy Review, Swatch

LA Colors auto lipliner in Burgundy is another one of my wise buys from Cherry Culture. It’s a super creamy, richly pigmented, twist-up lipliner in Burgundy that glides on smoothly to outline lips.

la colors lip liner

It is so creamy that there is no need to drag it or tug at it. It does not dry out like the other lip liners I have used. The lipliner is available in a total of 12 colors and all of them are so pretty that I had a hard time choosing Burgundy from it, this I chose, because it would complement most of the lipsticks that I have. I was so excited to get such a great lip liner at such a reasonable cost that I was using it on a daily basis, until, one day, out of “curiosity,” I twisted up the entire length of the liner to see how much was remaining. This, I had done many times before with other liners and each time the liner broke off, and this time too, it was no different. As I had twisted up the entire length, while retracting it back, the twister got jammed, and the liner broke off, and it came out completely. There is nothing left in there now, just the stump of the liner, that’s it. I have stored the lip liner in a different container and I do not know exactly what I should do with it now . 🙁

Another feature of this liner is that it does not smudge or bleed. It stays for a long time on the lips and it just fades a little with sips.

Here’s what the LA Colors website says about Auto lipliner:


Auto Lipliner
Lipliner Pencils line & fill lips beautifully. Enriched with shea butter to help nourish, moisturize & protect skin.

PRICE: $ 1.99.

broken lip liner

“Curiosity kills the pencil”….famous quote by Rati T. Singh.

I am so angry at myself to have destroyed such a good lip liner, and it was very good while it lasted. I have used lip liners from other brands before, but nothing came as good as this auto lip liner. After having used it for short while, here are the pros and cons:


• A highly creamy and moisturizing lip liner, which glides on smoothly to define lips.
• Does not dry out.
• Can be used to fill the lips.
• Available in 12 lovely colors.
• Does not smudge.

burgundy lip liner

Rest in Peace…the auto lip liner in Burgundy . 🙁


• Being a super creamy formula, it breaks off easily.
• The twister is not that good, it gets jammed sometimes.
• Availability is an issue.

burgundy lip liner swatch


IMBB STAR RATING: 4/5…-1 for jamming of the twister.

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  1. Such a pretty colour… burgundy is a good shade for me too. Pity that it broke… and this time not your son’s fault.

    1. Shai…………..half the things I break in my house…and the other half my son breaks….I break all crockery items….. :preen: :tongue: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen:

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  5. jomol dii. :pompom: :pompom: .nice review ..again its always sheer delight to read ur post.. :jalwa:
    and as for “broken” part . u can store dat thing in n empty small pot n use lip brush or sumthing.. :teddy: :teddy:

  6. thanks Preeti :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: ur the only one did not laugh at my pics….i thought I had taken great pics :(( :((

    1. me did also appreciate you jomol for the pics…….. :huh: and also advised you how you can use this broken lip liner huhhhh!!!!!!!!! :huh: :huh:

  7. awww pity that it broke 🙁

    But luckily it wasn’t that exp !!

    Make a lip balm out of it or use a brush and use it as a base before applying lipstick (as u mentioned its quite creamy na ) 🙂

    and next time u buy it…keep it in the fridge might not break then 🙂 🙂

  8. This sounds like a super product..I’m slowly warming up to lip liners..the only one I use is Colorbar ‘nude pink’ and I’ve started to love it so much! I’m sorry for your loss Jomol 🙁 The ‘quotes’ in the review are very funny!

  9. Haaa Thats bad,colour is nice, but the twister is not working,my neutregena lip balm twister also jams,the entire broke off :((

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