LA Colors Lip Liner Pencil Brown and Eyeliner Pencil in Brown Review

LA Colors Lip Liner Pencil Brown and Eyeliner Pencil in Brown Review

Hello all IMBBians,

Hope every one of you is in the pink of health and enjoying the spring. I have been on and off from commenting on IMBB because I am on a professional training that keeps me busy 24/7 and then a wedding in the immediate family, but my cell phone keeps me updated with every review regardless of whether I am able to comment or not. Lots of reviews are pending just because I haven’t been able to click the images (mainly because of hazy days and poor sunlight). It’s been raining continuously every day unexpectedly because this isn’t the time for rains.  Anyway, I have lots and lots to talk about (which I will of course do), but for now, let’s move on to my last picks from LA Colors – a lip liner pencil in dark brown shade and an eyeliner in brown. I am combining both the products in the same review because the shades belong to the same family.


Product Description (Lip Liner):

Smudge free, smooth formula, accentuates lips.  Extraordinary smooth formula defines and accentuates lips beautifully. Enriched with shea butter to help nourish, moisturize and protect skin.


Product Description (For Eyeliner):

Smudge free, smooth formula, accentuates eyes.  Extra ordinary smooth formula defines & accentuates eyes beautifully. Choose from our amazing color collection. A must-have beauty essential!


$1.2 each – made in USA.


My Take on LA Colors Lip Liner Pencil Brown:


This eyeliner pencil comes in a simple sharpen-able and wooden pencil. The outer colour of all pencils is black expect the lower end that distinguishes the shade of the pencil. Overall, the packaging is sturdy and the cap doesn’t loosen when I carry it in my purse because I am quite clumsy stuffing things in my bag which gives me trouble after creating a mess inside which is nearly impossible to clean completely. The formula of the pencil lead is very creamy and soft. It glides on easily without tugging or pulling. Since the color is dark brown and richly pigmented, a single swipe shows enough color payoff, but you can intensify the shade with multiple swipes. The shade is dark chocolaty brown copper. It can be used to create an outline for a brown lipstick or can be used on its own to apply a matte dark brown shade on lips. It enhances the longevity of a lipstick and keeps it safe from bleeding. As a lip color, stays for around 2.5-3 hours without settling into fine lines. It fades evenly. I just wish it came with a sharpener because MUA lip pencils have spoiled my expectations from drugstore brands 😛

My Take on LA Colors Eyeliner Pencil in Brown:


This is again a wooden pencil which needs to be sharpened, black in color except the lower part that reflects the shade of the pencil color. It has a sturdy packaging; easy and safe to carry around. Quickly moving to the actual properties, it has a soft and creamy lead. It is very easy to apply. Because I have pigmented lips and upper eye skin is a bit pigmented too, so I need more than one swipe for intense color to show on the lash line. I don’t say it has poor pigmentation, but for me, brown shade should be very creamy and dark so that one swipe is more than adequate. It doesn’t smudge at all, but comes off on rubbing my eyes. It stayed on the lash line for 3 hours approximately. On waterline, it doesn’t irritate or sting my eyes and lasts for 1-1.5 hours at least as far as I have observed.  LA Colors should improve their packaging; it looks very old fashioned and ordinary. Even drugstore brands with low prices are improving their packaging making the products look more appealing.



Pros of LA Colors Lip Liner Pencil Brown and Eyeliner Pencil in Brown:

  • Creamy and soft formula of both lip liner and eyeliner pencils.
  • Simple but sturdy packaging.
  • No tugging and pulling during application (both pencils).
  • The lip liner is quite richly pigmented.
  • The eyeliner doesn’t sting/irritate eyes.
  • Lip liner turns out to be a good matte lip color which stays for approximately 3 hours without settling into fine lines.
  • Lip liner improves the longevity of lipstick and stops tricky lip colors from bleeding.
  • Eyeliner pencil stays on lash line for 3 hours and on water liner for 1.5 hours approximately.
  • Both are dirt cheap.


Cons of LA Colors Lip Liner Pencil Brown and Eyeliner Pencil in Brown:

  • No ingredients mentioned.
  • No sharpeners included.
  • Boring packaging.
  • Eyeliner formula could have been much better in pigmentation.
  • Not impressed with staying power of eyeliner pencil.

IMBB Rating:

Lip liner pencil in Dark Brown 4.5/5
Eyeliner pencil in Brown 3.5/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase LA Colors Lip Liner Pencil Brown and Eyeliner Pencil in Brown?

Yes, I recommend these for the good quality at such a cheap price. I have had enough of these; I have one more lip liner which I haven’t used, but I am not intending to purchase any more shades from the range; let me move on 😛 Plus, I have so many other pending reviews to dedicate my time to.

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  1. V detailed review dear, sumera ur lips r sooo beautiful MASHA ALLAH love lotd *puchhi* nd brown looks more dark brown than dark brown 😛

    1. thank u so much mona *puchi* I am at Hyderabad. then will travel to Karachi on Friday then rawalpindi on Saturday and risalpur on Monday 🙁

      1. OMG *shock* itny travelling wo bhy sth sth *headbang* after travelling u take leave nd hv some rest sweetie *puchhi*

  2. i quite liked the color despite its cons. 🙂 and what a fun way to do swatches sumera. totally like. 😀 beautiful lip swatch 🙂

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