LA Colors Mega Pearl Eyeshadow: Black Licorice Review

LA Colors Mega Pearl Eyeshadow: Black Licorice Review

LA Colors Mega Pearl Eyeshadow Black Licorice Review

Two weeks back, I went to the cute and popular store in Chennai that stocks up on Orly and the whole range from LA Colors, just in the same kind of display as in a US drugstore or supermarket. The testers are all at display for you and the lipsticks corresponding to the testers are also right there, so you swatch and buy, and that’s what I did. This is rather different from my visit to the Shopper’s Stop makeup counters where the pushy SA emotionally blackmails (yes, a lot of times) about how I purchased Chambor and Maybelline and no Revlon :P, but this shop I went to called the Gloshop in Express Avenue, there is a lady to help you, but no one is after you to pick and purchase.

The crème lipsticks on display were droolworthy and obviously I picked up a couple which I will be reviewing soon. Apart from that, there are three crème lipsticks from this brand that have been reviewed on IMBB already. Do check them out to get an idea.

Black Eyes 1

Another thing obviously that caught my attention was the eyeshadow rack. There were gorgeous trios and awesome singles and can you believe how much the singles I picked up were priced at, just for rupees 175!!!! What do you say about that?

Now, why I am surprised at the price is because I think this is the most impressive charcoal shadow in my collection. I have a few from MUA and Oriflame which are half as good but this one blows your mind off.

The shadow is a pearl shadow with a very pretty, finely milled, silvery touch to it.  So, this means its not a harsh matte black, but a softer, pearly black which is easier to use. Again, the texture is so smooth and pigmented that you need such a tiny amount of this. There is no fallout whatsoever, can you expect a black pigmented eyeshadow to have no fall out? Well, I don’t.

Black Eyes 2

The powder of the shadow is not at all chalky. It glides so well and you need such little and it blends to finesse for me. I am out of word to sing in praise of this shadow.

Black Eyes 3

The staying power is great as well. I mainly use it on powders or concealed eyelids and it stays on forever, I feel if you blend it well. You can also use this shadow on a sticky base of black or any other color.

In the pictures, one is a heavily smoked out eye with this and shimmery beige shadow blended in the crease.

Black Eyes 5

Black Eyes 6

In the softer smoky eye, I have used it on top of a shimmery base, that is the Lakme Eyeshadow Artist in a light shimmery green color, which has been reviewed on IMBB.

Black Eyes 2

I totally love how it changes on a shimmery sticky creamy base like the Lakme Shadow Artist.  You can wear it on your lid only and not make it go much beyond the crease and blend or you can smoke it out completely.

Last Word:

The most pigmented, soft, smooth, no fall out black shadow in my collection. Its not a harsh black but a pearly black. If you are in Chennai, you are fortunate like me to have a store that stocks up LA Colors for Rs. 175, this shadow delivers a hundred times more value than any other I have , love it!

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  1. oMG!!! those eotd’s…. *drool*
    you know, sometimes i don’t see the price, the brand, the rating, etc when you review, coz its the way you put these things, be it shadows or lippies, on your face that makes the whole lotta difference…. and your pics are drop-dead gorgeous, and completely convincing all the time!
    and what do i say about the e/s… so much for 175?

    1. haww really but im learning from u na 😀
      so happy 🙂
      actually aj ka toh i asked jomol to delete the eyes ka pic if she wants ..i wasnt sure

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