La Fresh Berry Scrub with Strawberry and Raspberry Review

I generally prefer homemade face packs or scrubs, which deliver tremendous results, but sometimes, you feel like trying different things.  That is when I picked this scrub from La’ Fresh, from one of the online beauty stores. There were several variants of this scrub, but I preferred to pick a nicely scented one and read further to know whether its worth the pick.


Product Description:

As your skin undergoes the natural process of skin renewal, dead cells and impurities accumulate and hide your skin’s freshest layer. La’ Fresh Berry Scrub quickly unclogs pores, removes black heads and complexion dulling dead cells. The natural ingredients are gentle enough to use every day.

Directions To Use:

Moisten skin, apply and massage gently, avoiding eyes. Rinse well with clean warm water.


Scrub Ingredients


Rs. 249 for 500 ml.

My Take on La Fresh Berry Scrub:

Packaging:  The scrub comes in a huge tub like packing with a white screw lid. This is not good to be taken along while traveling.  Too bulky to carry around and might become messy at times.

Colour and Texture:  The scrub looks baby pink with very mild granules of walnut. The texture is neither thick nor runny. It’s not a gel type scrub, rather a creamy scrub. The granules are not coarse and they are mild enough to work on the skin.

La Fresh Scrub 2

Now, if you would ask if this scrub worked for me, I would say, yes yes yes!

The scrub is not harsh with coarse granules. It is mild and it is smooth on skin.  A little amount, say a coin size is enough for a single time use.  So, this is going to last me for a very long time. I use this scrub on alternate days as it’s a mild one and I see my skin clean and radiant, which means the dead cells are scraped off.  I had no breakouts and no stretchiness on skin. I don’t have blackheads, so I’m unable to comment on how effective this scrub is on blackhead removal.

La Fresh Scrub 4

And the aroma, Oh my God!!It is such a pleasant smell. It smells sweet of fresh berries and strawberries. Sometimes, I think that I’m taking bath with strawberry smoothie 😛 I feel very relaxed when I use this and the smell keeps lingering for a while.

La Fresh Scrub 8

What I Like about La Fresh Berry Scrub with Strawberry and Raspberry:

  • The divine aroma of fresh berries.
  • Mild granules that are not harsh on the skin.
  • Texture that works fine on skin and the amount required to scrub.
  • Smooth and soft skin, with a fresh glow.
  • Doesn’t make your skin dry/patchy.

What I Do Not Like about La Fresh Berry Scrub with Strawberry and Raspberry:

  • The packing could have been better. Not travel friendly.

IMBB Rating:

4.8/5 (-0.2 for the bulky packaging).

Do I Recommend La Fresh Berry Scrub with Strawberry and Raspberry?

Yeah, if you want to indulge in a nice aromatic bath, pick this.

Final Verdict:

This is true to its claims of removing dead cells and gives a nice glow to the skin.  The aroma is just amazing and this is definitely worth buying. Overall, an effective product.

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