La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub Review

La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub Review


Of all the skin care products, I love scrubs the most.  I stock all of them, all I can get 😛  I got this La Fresh Scrub which is a sandalwood based scrub with a strong parfum.  I have been using it for quite a while.  As far as I am concerned, there are no “good or bad” scrubs, there are only mild scrubs, “not so mild yet not so coarse scrubs,” and then coarse scrubs.  Here’s a little detail about this product:

Product Description:

As your skin undergoes its own process of natural renewal, dead cells and other impurities accumulate and hide your skin`s freshest layer. La`Fresh Sandal Wood Scrub quickly unclogs pores, removes black heads and complexion dulling dead cells. Our natural ingredients are gentle enough to use everyday.

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 1

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 2


Rs. 199 for 300 ml.


Ingredients Facial Scrub

My Take on La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub:

If you have used Lotus Herbals Pomegranate Plum Energizing Skin Polisher, this scrub is exactly similar to that in terms of texture.

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 3

The La Fresh Sandalwood scrub is a brown-colored jelly-like scrub which comes in a clear tub.  Like Lotus Herbals Skin Polisher, this scrub is not very coarse yet not very mild and comes in a gum base.  Since its not in a creamy base, its good for oily skin.  It smells very strongly of sandalwood, but its not annoying at all.    In fact, I totally love the artificial scent they have added, its kind of refreshing.

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 4

I also use this as a body scrub and it smells so good afterwards.  This scrub clears off dead skin effectively, but then, I do not feel its very effective against blackheads.  Skin does feel smooth and clean after using it.  I feel it does dry out the skin a bit after the scrubbing, but I fix it with a moisturizer.

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 5

Its a pretty big tub, so the quantity will last me for one month or more.  Since its in a tub form, I use an ice cream spoon to scoop out some.  On checking the ingredients list, there was one anomaly which I found out.  The ingredient list mentions “Prunus Asmeniaca,” but there is nothing called “Prunus Asmeniaca.”  Plum is called as Prunus armeniaca. So, there is no sandalwood in here despite this being a “sandalwood-based” scrub, it only has plum extract.  Whatever it is, they shouldn’t print wrong info on the packaging.

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 6

Pros of La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub:

  • A not so mild but yet not so coarse scrub in a gum base.
  • Clears off dead skin.
  • Has a very strong yet refreshing fragrance.

Sandalwood Facial Scrub 7

Cons of La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub:

  • The strong artificial fragrance might be an issue for some.
  • Does not work effectively to clear blackheads.
  • Misleading ingredients list.
  • Dries out the skin a bit.

Would I Repurchase La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub?

The other variants I would like to try 🙂

IMBB Rating:


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12 thoughts on “La Fresh Sandalwood Facial Scrub Review

  1. We get La fresh in Mumbai bt never thought of trying…. will try some day after i finish what m currently using…. hehehe … Good review Jomol 🙂

  2. The scrub looks great in Tub but I hate string fragrances.. 😡
    I am using HipHop scrubs as body scrubs and they never dry out my skin.. 🙂
    Nice Review Jomo .. :):)

      1. I have 3 of them Coffee, Kiwi and Strwberryy..
        I find Kiwi one the best in terms of fragrance and scrubbingg.. 🙂
        These sastu scrub does a great job as body scrubss.. 🙂

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