LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil Blue Metallic Review

Hey Girls,

I’ve a craze for the eye makeup stuff and never stop hoarding them. I picked this LA Colors eye Pencil “Blue Metallic” from the “GOLO Shop “at express avenue mall. I did not have any intention of buying a liner for myself. I was happy with the Chambor Dazzle eye pencil .The stall looked very colorful and attracted me and so I ended up buying this liner from LA Girl .Though I’ve plenty of eyeliner pens/pencils, I brought it just to quench my thirst for eye makeup. 🙂

la color eyeliner pencil blue metallic

What LA Girl has to say about LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil

Eye & Lip definition becomes easier and more exiting with our new and improved pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, your customers will have the variety they desire, all year round.

Price – Rs 238 for 1.3gram.Price is indeed very much affordable 🙂

blue metallic eye pencil

Ingredients- Not listed

My take on LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil “Blue Metallic”
There are 23 beautiful shades available to choose, but I choose The blue metallic as I love’ Blue’ and this metallic blue looked good on my dusky complexion.

la-color-eyeliner-pencil-blue-metallic packaging

The packing is nothing new. The regular pencil type, which requires sharpening for every use. I’m glad that I got a good cosmetics sharpener from chambor and I don’t fidget with my eye or lip pencils and break them, nowadays. A wise buy. 🙂
The shade is very much metallic and gives a little shimmery effect when applied. I love the texture and the way it glides. Its just goes smooth without tugging on your lids and the texture is soft and little creamy. A single swipe was all enough to do the magic to make your eyes look beautifully blue.

la color eyeliner pencil blue metallic

Speaking about the stay power, it stays good for 5-6 hours and begins fading slowly later, which I feel is pretty decent. This was observed when I put them on my super oily lids. And I found no smudging at all. I applied it to my water line and it did not sting my eyes, despite me using contact lenses. The pigmentation is also worth mentioning. As I said previously, a single swipe gives deep rich color and I just love it.

The only complaint I have is, this is a pencil type and not the retractable type. I’m sure this would not last long for 2 good reasons.

1.For the amazing formula with good pigmentation, I’m going to love applying it very often . 🙂
2. Sharpening the pencil is going to end up in product wastage.
But I don’t mind picking it again or the other colors available..
Please don’t mind about the blurred swatch photos. My son was disturbing me to the core, so that I could not hold the camera steady. . 🙁

LA girl eyeliner swatch
Summing up the pros and cons

What I like about LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil
1. Smooth formula that glides easily
2. Long stay power
3. Smudge proof
4. Reasonably priced and worth the money
5. Not tested on animals

On Eyes:

What I dislike about LA Girls Eyeliner Pencil
1. No ingredients list mentioned
2. Mechanical sharpening would result in product wastage

Will I recommend LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil – Yes.

IMBB Rating– 4/5 (-0.5 for missing ingredients list and -0.5 for the non-retractable type)

Overall, this liner pencil is very well formulated, available at an affordable price, with all the attributes being a hit. It is a must have and I just love this one except for the traditional sharpening type pencil.

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28 thoughts on “LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil Blue Metallic Review

  1. I got the one in white color from glo shop. and even mine was an unplanned purchase. i went to d shop as it looked pretty.. 🙂 🙂

          1. ya its d same shop neha.. they have orly, MJ and some skin and hair care stuffs too. They do nail arts also 🙂

  2. very pretty shade. looking good on your eyes. ya it is very affordable plus i like the pencil style ones..i have had bad luck with the those twisted ones. i put too much pressure while applying so those twisted ones end up breaking..

    1. Thanks Aru.. 🙂
      My case is the other way..I messup so much with the pencil types. :)but still i don’t stop buying them.. 🙂

  3. Lovely shade! Planning to buy it for my niece who’ll start college…is it available online? Any idea where in Mumbai can i find this?

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