LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review

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Metallic eye pencils are my current favorites! They give you that glam quotient, right way! They are neither too blingy/flashy nor boring. They can be so easily used for day or night look. So today, I will be reviewing one such metallic pencil from my collection, i.e. LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil.

LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review5

Product Description:
Eye definition becomes easier and more exciting with our new and improved pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, your customers will have the variety they desire, all year round.

INR 210 for 1.3 gm/0.04 oz.

Shelf Life:
3 Years

Not listed on product or website either.

My Experience with LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil:

It comes in regular sleek wooden pencil that requires sharpening. The pencil’s body & cap is matte black in colour. The cap fits tightly, so no worries of the cap loosening up and other products in your bag getting smeared by this eye pencil!

LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review6

The body of the pencil is color coded. The shelf life is mentioned at the bottom of the pencil which is good, as you don’t have to worry about using it beyond the shelf life. Sharpening not only leads to product wastage, but you have to be careful in disposing the sharpened pencil flakes. If they fall on the floor, it is a task removing the creamy lumps from your precious tiles! I wish the cap had a sharpener, as it comes handy to sharpen the pencil.

It is super creamy in texture. Not too creamy to break off, but perfect to glide it on the lashline and waterline. It glides on very smoothly without any tugging. You could easily use it as an eyeshadow due to its creamy texture.

LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review

It is a metallic silver color. It shines when it comes in contact with light and otherwise, it’s a subtle silver color.

LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review1

You only require a single swipe to get the color. The eyeliner is easy to apply, I really like the way it glides on even my lash line. The shade is perfect silver for night outs. It has tiny shimmer particles in it. They are visible when you smudge it for using it as an eye shadow. The color is buildable. 2 to 3 swipes of the eyeliner and you get a very vibrant silver shade which is party appropriate. For using it as a daily wear color, just one swipe is enough to give you a “silver lining”! 😀 You could also use this shade in the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes stand out.

LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review4

I have used it for long hours and have rarely seen it smudge other than at the corners of my eyes. The staying power is good 4 to 5 hours on my eyelids. After that, it starts to fade unevenly. Further, it doesn’t even smear. It is not water resistant, though. I have applied it to my water line and I have not noticed any irritation. However, when I apply it on my waterline is tends to vanish after only 2-3 hours. Having this silver color on the water line really makes my eyes pop out. Removing it isn’t a task either. It comes off easily with any eye makeup remover.


LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review2

LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil Review3

Pros of LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil:

• Affordable.
• Staying power.
• Color Payoff.
• Doesn’t sting or irritate the eyes.
• Sturdy.
• Color coded body.
• Creamy texture.
• A buildable shade.

Cons of LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil:

• No ingredient list.
• Requires sharpening.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend LA Girl GP608 Silver Eyeliner Pencil?
Oh yes, definitely! You can use it for office as well as for parties. It is a good buy.

Thanks for reading! Hope this review was helpful.

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