LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil Review

Hello Everyone,
Today I am here with the review of another shade of the LA Girl lip liner and today’s shade is natural. I have bought a few shades of these and will review them one by one. Let’s see how this shade fared on me.

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

Product Details:
Lip definition becomes easier and more exciting with our new and improved pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, your customers will have the variety they desire, all year round.

Price: INR 210 for 1.3 grams.

My Take on LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil:

Packaging: The lip liner comes in a wooden velvety finish black body, with an air tight black cap. The pencil is the standard sharpen able one. A small area at the bottom of the pencil is color coded, so it gets easy to identify a particular shade. There is definitely a little product wastage while sharpening and because the lip liner is very soft, there are chances of the tip breaking easily. Overall the packaging looks decent and good for the inexpensive price.

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

Shade: Natural as the name says it is a nice neutral rusty brown shade. The color has no shimmers or sheen to it. It’s the apt n*de shade for dusky and darker skin tones and it suits my fair medium complexion very well. The shade can be worn on itself and over a lipstick to office and colleges.

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

Texture and Pigmentation: The lip liner is soft and smooth in texture. The consistency is very creamy. It glides very easily and distributes the color evenly without dragging lips. It’s creamier than the previous shade LA Girl Raspberry Lip liner. The lip liner is extremely hydrating and is suitable to be worn alone without applying a lip balm. The lip liner doesn’t exaggerate dry and flaky lips. And the color doesn’t sit into the fine lines of lips. Being so creamy the lip liner becomes cakey upon layering. The liner gives a creamy matte finish on the lips. The lip liner is superbly pigmented. With one swipe it gives opaque and even color which covers pigments and flaws of lips very well.

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil

Staying Power: Being creamy in texture the lip liner doesn’t stay put for long hours. It lasted on me for 3 to 4 hours and after a meal, the whole color was wiped off from lips. The creamy lip liner transfers very easily onto anything, though not completely. And due to this the liner doesn’t stay longer and starts to wear off. I was a little upset to notice how little time the liner lasted on itself. I am pretty sure that it can’t increase the staying power of lipsticks.


Pros of LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil:

• Beautiful neutral rusty shade.
• An apt n*de shade for dusky complexions.
• Extremely creamy and smooth texture.
• Very pigmented.
• Doesn’t settle into the lip lines.
• Is very hydrating on lips, no lip balm is required.
• Doesn’t stain lips and can be removed easily.
• Packaging looks nice and decent.
• Inexpensive.

Cons of LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil:

• Despite of being a lip liner it transfers very easily into cutleries, which makes it wear off very soon.
• Doesn’t survive full meals.
• Become cakey upon layering.
• Not very long lasting, especially for a lip liner.
• Being creamy, the tip gets wears off very easily.
• Sharpening leads to lot of product wastage.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil?
Yes sure, especially if you’re a dusky beauty and still in search for a perfect nude lip liner/color, you should definitely get this one. Yes, I am in love with this shade and I’ll definitely keep on buying this shade whenever I’ll shop for LA Girl products.

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2 thoughts on “LA Girl Natural Lip Liner Pencil Review

  1. Beautiful office wear color. This one will look good on most of the Indian skin tone I think. I like the lip pencils more than lipsticks because they are easy to carry around.

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