LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner Review

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Today I am here with the review of LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner. Well, I was not really unknown to this brand and I didn’t know where to get it locally. Then, I surfed a few online portals, through which I came to know that many L.A Girl products are easily available online. So eventually, I ordered a few stuffs from this brand. And, like some of my other favorite budget brands (like MUA, Essence and Makeup Revolution), this brand is creating a space in my stash and in my heart as well. Let’s see how much I am impressed with this product.

LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner Review

Product Description:
Lip definition becomes easier and more exciting with our new and improved pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, your customers will have the variety they desire, all year round.

INR 210 for 1.3 grams.

My Experience with LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner:

Packaging: The lip liner comes in a velvety finish black body, with an air tight black cap. The pencil is the standard sharpenable one and yes, quite lot of product gets wasted while sharpening. A small area at the bottom of the pencil is color coded, so it becomes super easy to identify a particular shade. Over all, the packaging looks decent and good for the inexpensive price.

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Shade: As the name says, this is a deep raspberry shade with absolutely no shimmers or sheen to it. The shade is very vibrant and bright, but not flashy at the same time. It’s a perfect shade for summers. The best thing is this shade is that it’s very versatile; you can wear it to parties and normally on everyday basis as well. Deep raspberry color looks great on both lighter and darker skin tones.

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Texture and Pigmentation: The liner is smooth, but not super creamy. It’s not very dry either. It glides very easily on lips and distributes the color evenly, without dragging or pulling. The texture is exactly the way we like our lip liners to be. The lip liner is quite hydrating on my normal lips; it doesn’t just rips off the moisture from my lips, despite of being a matte lip liner.

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But those who have very dry lips can use a lip balm over it. The liner doesn’t over accentuate dry and flaky lips, neither does the color settles into the lip lines. It gives a nice velvety matte finish on lips. The liner is very decently pigmented and it gives great color payoff with one swipe. It’s very opaque and covers flaws of lips very well, so one can use this alone as a lipstick.

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Staying Power: The lip liner stayed on me for more than 6 hours with snacking and it didn’t fade a bit with that. It stayed put on me without fading even after several hours of application. Well the creamy layer tends to fades after 3-4 hours, after which the lip liner feels more matte on lips. The liner stains a lot and the stain is difficult to take off completely from lips, using oil or cream cleanser. However, a lip makeup remover is best to do the job.

LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner Review5


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Pros of LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner:

• A pretty and vibrant deep raspberry pink color.
• Suitable for every skin tone.
• Can be worn on everyday basis; perfect for parties and for office as well.
• Doesn’t drag lips during application.
• Texture is perfect for a lip liner; not very crumbly soft and not very drying either.
• Packaging looks decent.
• Pigmentation is good and the color pay off in one swipe quite excellent.
• Can be worn alone as a lip color.
• Staying power is excellent for more than 6 hours, without fading.
• The liner is transfer proof to some extent.
• The liner feels quite hydrating on normal lips.
• The lip liner gives a nice semi matte finish, which is not very powdery matte.
• Transfer proof to a great extent.
• Very inexpensive.

Cons of LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner:

• Sharpening leads to a lot of product wastage, which I don’t like. I don’t want this beautiful liner to finish soon.
• Can feel a little drying for those who have chronically dry lips. So, for them a lip balm or a gloss underneath is necessary.
• The lip liner stains a lot and the stain it leaves on lips is quite stubborn. However, the color needs to be taken off with a good makeup remover.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend LA Girl Raspberry Lip Liner?
Yes surely, I’ll recommend this pretty and inexpensive lip liner to everyone. The great quality in such an affordable price makes the liner a must have for everyone and especially for students. Yes! Yes! I’ll keep on purchasing this shade along with the others shades too.

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