La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour Review

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How are you doing today? Hope all of you are enjoying New Year with new energy, hopes and cheerful ambience around! I too am experiencing quite a blissful year! Today’s review is all about an advanced Valentine’s Day gift from my valentine 😛 I feel so happy and thrilled to share this beautiful valentine red shade from La Prairie Cellular Lip Colour which is as beautiful as I have ever dreamed of, right from its luxurious packaging to the shade inside, though I am yet to convince myself if I would ever shell out my money on this lip product again. So, let’s talk about La Prairie Cellular Lip Colour in the shade Cardinal 🙂

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour


La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour 3


$55 for 0.12 Oz (3.5 g), price excludes shipping and tax fee.

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

Product Description:

La Prairie Cellular lip colour combines superlative treatment with beautifying color. A unique plumping complex fills in lines and restores lip plumpness while caviar extracts helps firm the lips. Specially treated pigments enhance color intensity as well as providing extended wear to the formula.

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour


La Prairie tried their best to make their lip color special with that jewel-toned silver bullet enclosed inside luxury velvet pouch, encased safely inside silver card board packaging, which proudly tells you that you are now a lucky La Prairie owner. I love its jewel-themed bullet which will definitely make you feel like a celebrity while pulling it out in the crowd or your group. It does have a synthetic smell which is not very impressive. Other than that, I like its packaging!

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

My Experience with La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour:

Well, as far as its anti-ageing properties are concerned, I am not sure if it exactly does what it claims because I haven’t noticed any plumping or magic effect so far! However, I can definitely notice that like any luxury lip product, it also smartly conceals minor lip flaws like dry and parched lip lines.  Above all, the shade “Cardinal” is a glittery red-orange color which can be tricky with its powdery glittery texture (unlike creamy or glossy ones I feel).

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

Yes gals, this lipstick seems like an orangish-red shade with multi-color glitter, not really over the top, but you can still figure out the shimmer with its slightly uneven, powdery finish on lips.  Yeah, this is a slightly tricky feature; irrespective of its high price and great texture, you might feel dejected with the finish which always comes out uneven with that glitter and semi-matte powder formula; I won’t call it frosty though. I guess it is because of its glittery texture and may be other non-shimmery lip colors from this range will be fine! Once you get to wear it, you will realize that this is not what you usually notice or expect from your matte/semi-matte lip products.

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

The texture of the lipstick is fine and not great as per its price I feel. Moreover, I have tried many high-end lip products which cost just half of this lip colour, but they perform quite better.  It also glides on effortlessly on my normal/dry lips with no bleeding and/or feathering, which is not a unique property considering it’s a high-priced luxury product, isn’t it? You can get the same features in L’Oreal/Maybelline/Nars/Bobbi Brown lipsticks, don’t you think?

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

Coming over the finish, it gives a semi-opaque finish in 1-2 swipes which will definitely conceal light pigmentation and you can try layering it on for complete coverage. But mind it, layering often accentuates dry lips with its semi-matte powdery formula which tends to look rough, and I completely dislike it.  I have never experienced this type of an issue with any matte/semi-matte/glittery lipstick so far and hence I am slightly confused and surprised that this comes from world’s top class lip colour!

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

I feel the shade and finish could have been much better; even with powdery-matte finish, if only the glitters were absent in this shade.  Anyway, wear time of 6+ hours is quite common in lipsticks, so is the case with this shade “Cardinal.” It does transfer, still manages to stay put for good 5+ hours with light meals/water sips; however, it does tend to fade away from the corners and middle of my lips, which would need touch ups, otherwise it may look odd. The only thing which I like about this lip colour is that it does not transfer the shimmer to my oily face.  I don’t see a single trace of shimmer once I remove it off the lips, which is pretty impressive!

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

Overall, I can only say that I am happy to try another luxury lip treat, but honestly, I would never get it again as I would rather splurge on Guerlain/Gucci priced much lower and also which would give better results.  Although I am intrigued to try one non-shimmery shade from this La Prairie brand!



Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour:

  • A beautiful shimmery, orange-red colour infused with the goodness of anti-ageing ingredients.
  • Glides on effortlessly on normal dry lips.
  • Does not feather or bleed.
  • Does stay put for good 5+ hours with light meals/water sips.
  • Glitter is not over the top yet it’s noticeable (can increase the glam quotient of the lip product to some extent).
  • The texture is powdery, semi-matte with non-drying properties.
  • Does not hydrate my lips, but it’s not drying either.
  • Luxurious packaging, jewel bullet case with velvet pouch.

La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour

Cons of La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour:

  • Qualities comparable to budget-friendly lipstick brands.
  • I don’t think this particular shade is suitable for mature ladies.
  • I hate the chunks of glitter on my lips.
  • Not for dry lips.
  • Not very hydrating, I fear the powdery and semi-matte formula might aggravate issues further.
  • Pricey with average properties.

Hah! My hubby was expecting me to give a wow feedback on how I liked his surprise and I was really confused as I did like his surprise but I dislike splurging this much on an average lipstick. I did hint to him that I am done with La Prairie, but I want to try each and every option in the market, hope he will understand 😉 As of now, I would certainly try one creamy shade from this range before I declare the verdict on this brand.

IMBB Rating:

I sadly give 3/5 to “Cardinal” lip color, that too just because my hubby gifted it to me 😛

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  1. Whoa!!! that’s a super luxurious lipstick Neetu and that’s the first La Prairie review on the blog! Hats off and appreciate the way you have written the review even though it was a valentine’s day gift 😛

    1. yeah luxury with sight dis appointment. I like color anyhw had to live with it.. 😛 had to try one creamy version lets see hw it goes then 🙂

  2. 55$$$$$!! At that price, the lipstick better sing for you! Its so sad that it under-performed! Breaks your heart, doesn’t it! Still, hats off to you for fearlessly trying new products! And I have to tell this story to Sumedh – maybe he will feel inspired!!

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