La Sana Kaisou Seaweed Hair Milk Review

Hi guys!

I have been looking for a good quality, lightweight leave-in conditioner. My hair has always always been very dry and this product has really helped me give it some moisture.

La Sana hair milk review

Packaging: It comes in a plastic squeeze tube and the cap is sturdy enough to protect the product from spilling out during travel. I have travelled to lot of places with this and the cap has not come undone. So a thumbs up for being travel-friendly. There is 120 g of product in the tube.

Made in Japan

Price: ¥1944

Ingredients / Claims (In Japanese) :

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My thoughts:

The best way to describe this product is it is moisturiser for your hair like you use moisturiser for your face. So I feel ‘leave-in conditioner’ is not the best description because a conditioner is supposed to give you more moisture for longer. If you are looking for a very heavy-duty conditioner that is going to repair and give your hair intense moisture, this is not it. This is something I can use everyday though because I find it does not last very long on my hair (not more than a day).

Claims to: Have seaweed extract (from Brittany, France) for moisture Impart silkiness and glossiness Protect from blow drier heat and UV rays. It contains Shea Butter, Cape Aloe extract, Cactus extract and Red Algae extract

How to use: On shampooed and dried/wet hair, take a penny-sized amount and apply and blend in with your hair.


How I use it: I use this almost everyday and I am almost out of the product. People with oily hair will really enjoy this because it is so lightweight. People with oily hair can use this alone instead of oil, because it is lighter and won’t exacerbate the oiliness. It blends in with the hair very quickly and easily, so there is not a lot of effort involved.

One thing to note is, you can use this along with oil if you have extremely dry hair like mine. It does not add shine to your hair, so if you are looking for a glossy finish, you might not want to pick this up. Even if I have been applying it for 3 days straight every morning, at the very end, I don’t feel as if there is a lot of product buildup. I don’t get that heavy, weighed down feeling from this. That being said, I feel I have to reapply it everyday, which is the reason I am getting through the product quickly. The website claims this product will last 1 to 2 months depending on frequency of usage. It lasted me a good 2.5 months, which is not bad at all. So that can be a con or a pro depending on your needs.

I like to use it on shampooed and conditioned hair. I have semi-long hair and like to target the product where there is a lot of dryness. So my fringe and mid-lengths to ends of the hair is where I use it the most. I used it in Chennai in the peak summer and it still did not weigh my hair down, so that’s when I knew I have a winner on my hands. I use my straightener and blow drier with this and I feel it does protect my hair from the heat. This is my first time trying a hair milk and I have to say, I am over the moon and I am really enjoying using it.

Consistency: The consistency of this is very lightweight and non-sticky. It is clearly a water-based product. If it were oil-based though, I feel it could have better longetivity. But I have no complaints at all about the consistency or blend-ability.


Scent: It has a VERY mild, soft fruity scent. Unless you are extremely sensitive, this should not be a problem, because I didn’t even notice it had a scent until I saw the website claiming it had one!


  • Lightweight, non-sticky moisturiser-type consistency
  • Easy to spread and blend into the hair
  • All hair types can find use for this product/incorporate this into their routine
  • Does not weigh hair down, even after days of usage – can reapply everyday until you wash hair
  • Is a heat protectant
  • Has good, moisturising ingredients
  • Secure and easy to access packaging


  • Does not give glossy finish as claimed
  • Expensive
  • Does not last more than a day

Rating: 4.25/5

Would I recommend? Yes go for it! You will not be disappointed 🙂

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