Label.m Protein Spray Review

Label.m Protein Spray Review

Hello ladies,

I am here with yet another hair spray review. I am going through a hair care phase currently 😛 ! My brother recently visited us from the UK and yeah you guessed it right, I had handed him a long list of the things I needed 😀 and this protein spray was a part of that huge stash. I was looking for a shine spray, UV protector, heat protector and something for the good health of my hair. So instead of investing in everything individually, I picked this protein spray.

label m protein hair spray

Price and Quantity:

18.75 GBP for 500 ml.  I invested in the full size bottle, but it has smaller variants available.

Product Description:

Label.m Protein Spray is a moisturizing blend of Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Wheat and Soy helps to shield hair from heat damage and UV rays and even out porosity. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, further protects hair against heat styling, sun and damaged hair, while providing seductive shine.  Spray liberally on damp or dry hair, massage into the scalp and comb through. Use after coloring to prevent colur fading and damage.

label m protein hair spray


It comes in a simple white bottle with a cap and a spray pump.  There is no way you can see how much of it is left.

My Experience with Label.m Protein Spray:

As I mentioned earlier, I picked this up because it was an all-in-one product and one thing I would like to tell you girls is that before my brother bought it for me, I checked it’s availability online and it was available at Indian online shopping websites, but the packaging was totally different from the original label.m website and also the price was less comparatively, I was shocked to see that these websites are fooling us by selling fake products.

label m protein hair spray

Coming to the product, it has completely emerged as a boon to my hair. The consistency is very water like, so it doesn’t feel heavy on hair. I have used it both ways, on dry and damp hair and it works effectively. On damp hair, it added shine and after continuous usage, my hair has become stronger and the split ends have reduced to some extent. On dry hair, it looks very beautiful, the scalp definitely looks oily when the hair is not washed, but the strands look beautifully moisturized and shiny.  On my medium long hair, 7-8 sprays are required.

label m protein hair spray

The fragrance is not overpowering and vanishes after some time, so it is comfortable to use for people with sensitive noses.  It is not that kind of product which gives you an instant silicone-type texture, instead hair looks very natural which is excellent for me.
Also, it helps in detangling hair to some extent.  I don’t know about the porosity part. Lastly, it has improved the overall health of my hair, they look much better now.

Pros of Label.m Protein Spray:

  • Detangles hair nicely.
  • Moisturizes hair to some extent.
  • Detangles hair.
  • UV protection.
  • Adds shine.
  • Provides a natural look.
  • Works on damp as well as dry hair.
  • Good to use before hair styling.
  • Light fragrance.
  • 3 size variants available.
  • Improves overall health of hair after continuous usage.

Cons of Label.m Protein Spray:

  • Expensive.
  • You can’t see how much of the product is left.
  • Doesn’t provide instant silicone shine and softness which might be a con for some.
  • Limited availability in India.

Do I Recommend Label.m Protein Spray?

It is definitely a yes from my side and I think I am also going to repurchase it after I finish this huge bottle 😀 ! I love it for the fact that it is an all-in-one product.  Please girls do check that the product you’re buying is an original one.

IMBB Rating:


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12 thoughts on “Label.m Protein Spray Review

      1. Hey Ayushi…ya can see now. wasn’t able to see before. Don’t know why.
        Looks awesome product. Wish could get in India too. *clap*

  1. Ayushi, you have raised a very valid point and warning. I had this doubt in mind – are the products that we get at 50% discount real or fake, at least for perfumes, I think the online sites that sell stuff from multiple sellers should check it at their end. I don’t think the high end perfumes that come at huge discounts are original

    1. I second you Jomol. Who on earth will sell high end brands for less than half a price? *nonono* How will that make their buisiness grow? I think they are fooling us for sure.

    2. Sachchi Jomo! I was about to buy that but Thankfully I checked the label.m website *waiting*
      Sometimes I wonder why all these high-end products don’t work as they claim I think this could be the reason. we aren’t getting the original product. *smug*

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