Labello Coconut Lip Butter Review

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I think, there are hardly any women in this forum who do not use a lip balm! Lip balms are essential in our life and off lately, I have been in love with Blistex lip balms. Recently I spotted this coconut lip butter from Labello and today’s review is about this magical lip butter. Read on to know more.

Labello Coconut Lip Butter

What the company claims:
Do you want a sensorial experience, well-cared lips and a soft shine on your lips? The indulging Lip Butter formula pampers lips and relieves dry lips. It seals in moisture in your lips long-lastingly..The softly melting, creamy texture of Labello® Lip Butter Coconut with Hydra IQ, valuable shea butter and natural almond oil spoils with intensive moisture and long-lasting care for irresistibly soft lips.

Price: €3.05 for 16.7g
Labello Coconut Lip Butter ingredients

My Experience with Labello Coconut Lip Butter:

I am obsessed with anything that has coconut. I absolutely love the smell of coconuts in beauty products and when I saw this on the shelves, I had to pick it up without any second thoughts. This is my first Labello product.

The lip butter comes in a sealed tin packaging. The colors are simple, blue with coconuts! I usually prefer the twist-up balms due to hygienic reasons. The lip butter is white in color and smells like what I expected, coconuts and more coconuts! The fragrance is amazing and when slathered on the lips, it does taste like one too! But it is a pity that it doesn’t last more than few minutes.

Labello Coconut Lip Butter packaging

The lip butter is thick and creamy. There is no added color so it is just a plain lip butter with coconut flavor. The lip butter can be slathered easily and little product is enough to moisturize the lips. If you apply more, there is a white layer/film formed which is a clear warning that it is too much application! Considering that the lip butter is transparent, it is a perfect choice under/over lipsticks. The product does moisturize the lips effectively. I can slather some in the morning and go almost 4-5 hours without a reapplication irrespective of several drinks and food-breaks.

Labello Coconut Lip Butter open tin

The product doesn’t get absorbed immediately and due to which you feel that there is something sitting on the lips while doing its duty of nourishing. The product acts as a perfect base when you need to apply those not-so-creamy lip pencils. During the nights, the lip butter stays the whole night and after I get up, all I notice is well-moisturized and hydrated lips. From the time I have been using this lip butter, I have hardly noticed any dryness on my lips. The lip butter has kept my lips softer, smoother and moisturized. I use it 3-4 times a day and it is one of the best things I have used so far. The only negative aspect I have is the fact that I need to put my dirty finger into the tin. I so wish that Labello comes up with twisted balms for this variant! So summing up:

Pros of Labello Coconut Lip Butter:

• Lasts long.
• Results in smoother lips.
• Intense moisturisation and hydration.
• No dry lips since the beginning of usage.
• A perfect choice for above/under lipsticks.
• No added color.
• Natural fragrance.
• Travel friendly.

Labello Coconut Lip Butter lip swatch

Cons of Labello Coconut Lip Butter:

• Tin packaging and can be unhygienic.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Labello Coconut Lip Butter?

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