Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review

Lip type: Dry and pigmented lips.

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Lip balms are a must to keep your pout beautiful. We have so many lip balms these days and at IMBB you can find the best! And, today’s review is on Labello Soft Rose Lip balm. Read on to know more.

Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review2

Price: €2.49 for 4.8g
Product Description:
Labello Soft Rosé underlines the natural rosiness of your lips and gives it a subtle rose shine.

My Experience with Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:

Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review

The lip balm doesn’t come in a package and this is a downside for me. The lip balm comes in a pink cap with all the details. It comes in a lipstick like twist up balm with a pink cap. The lip balm is a light pink bullet. It looks like a pastel pink. It doesn’t have any particular fragrance but, the scent is artificial. The lip balm is clear when applied. It adds a light pink hue to the lips.

Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review1

This lip balm adds a soft rosy hue to the lips. It also adds a shine to the lips and it feels like a thin oily residue on the lips. It adds softness to the lips and the lips feels very soft and moisturized. The lip balm nourishes and hydrates the lips for pretty long. The staying power od the lip balm is about 4-5 hours and it still has a thin film of stain on the lips. The lip balm doesn’t have a tint or shine and thus, it acts a perfect base for lipsticks.

Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review3

It blends well on the lips and brings out the natural colour thereby, making the lipstick application better. As it softens the lips, you do not have to worry about the lipstick creasing in between the dryness. The lip balm doesn’t come with an SPF.

Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review4

I tend to have a lot of dryness on my lips and this lip balm soothes the dryness. The lip balm doesn’t really cover my pigmented lips and I cannot blame on it as the lip balm doesn’t have any colour. If you have non-pigmented lips, this lip balm will add a nice colour thereby, making it suitable for occasions where you don’t prefer wearing a lipstick. Overall, the lip balm is a good one and I am happy with the product.

Pros of Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:

  • Affordable.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Adds a pinkish/rose hue to the lips.
  • Makes the lips look healthy and adds a subtle shine.
  • Makes lips moisturised, nourished and hydrated for around 4-6hours.
  • Makes lips soft.
  • Lessens dryness and dry flakes from the lips.
  • Acts as a perfect base for lipsticks.

Cons of Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:

  • No sealed package.
  • Doesn’t contain an SPF.
  • Adds a thin greasy film on lips.
  • An artificial fragrance that doesn’t smell like a rose!

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm?

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