Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm Review

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Today’s review is about Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm.

Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm Review

Product Description:
For best results apply daily to your lips.

Do you want endless moisture for your lips and sheer yet brilliant colour that works day and night? Fruity Shine Watermelon is the new, exotic way to love your lips: with colored pigments that give long-lasting moisture and watermelon aroma for soft, smooth and endlessly kissable lips.

The innovative formula with Hydra IQ contains watermelon aroma. Labello Fruity Shine Watermelon gives a touch of delicate colour and dresses your lips with a soft shine.

€3 for 4.8gms

My Experience with Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm:


The Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm comes in a white and pink colored twist tube. It is easy to open and close the cap of the casing. The cap also closes tightly and there is no chance of it accidently getting opened in the hand bag or purse. The packaging is very handy and can fit in most of the clutches or handbags, or even jeans pockets. I always carry at least one in my handbag, one in the car, one in the bathroom. I can never live without a lip care product. My lips need to be moisturized all the time. During the day I use matte lipsticks and my lips tend to dry out. So it’s important for me to moisturize my lips enough when I am not wearing any lipstick.

lip balm tube

This lip balm is pink in color. When applied, it leaves a mild, shimmery pink layer on lips. The color can be boosted a little by applying in layers. The consistency of the lipcare is creamy and spreads easily over the lips. It doesn’t feel sticky or oily. I use this when I am indoors during the day or on Sundays when I don’t step out of the house. It’s perfect for outdoors too. It gives a very subtle look and looks great. I personally prefer lipsticks for outdoors. I love the way my lips look and feel with this great summery lip balm.

watermelon lip balm

The lips tend to dry out very quickly especially during harsh winters and needs that special care. The skin on the lips is so thin that it gets damaged easily. Lips also lack melanin, the natural pigments which protect us from harmful UV rays. Unfortunately this lip product doesn’t provide the required UV protection. Since it’s oil based, it gets transferred easily when you drink or eat. This cannot be avoided and reapplication is a must. But during the night, it stays put and does all the required nurturing.

tinted lip balm

It’s suitable for indoors and nights due to the fact that it has no UV protection. It’s perfect for people who don’t prefer lipsticks but still want that stained lips look. The fragrance is very fruity and obviously of watermelon. I, being a watermelon lover, can’t resist smacking my lips once in a while.


hand swatch

lip swatch

Pros of Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm:

• Small, handy packaging
• Easily absorbed by the lips
• Non-sticky
• Slight shimmers
• Fancy pink in color
• Results in baby soft lips

Cons of Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm:

• No UV protection

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm?
I love the way my lips look after application. But I don’t prefer this for outdoor usage since it has no UV protection and I love lipsticks more. Would love to try new lip balms now.

Would I Recommend Labello Watermelon Shine Lip Balm?
All pink lovers out there, go get it. You will love the slight shimmer and its fragrance is just awesome. If you are not a lipstick lover, then this is the one for you!

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